Sue McGarvie

Couples and Single’s boudoir on Sunday, December 7th! Get a hot picture, drink martini’s and look back on yourself when you are 80.

Every woman needs a picture where they look and feel truly beautiful. And every couple needs to have sexy shots together! No matter your age, size or ability. I am hosting a day of couple’s (and single’s) boudoir photography, make up, wine and canapes on Sunday, December 7th, 2014 at 81 Pooler Ave. This is…



So you are thinking about swinging? A Sex Therapist outlines the rules of Lifestyle play so that you don’t blow up your relationship.

It’s called swinging or what is referred to by those in the know as the “Lifestyle”. And it’s becoming one of the more common issues I see my office these days as a sex therapist. If trying to keep things hot is an ever-popular workshop seminar, then “How to have crazy, wild monkey sex (that…