This is my blog!!!

I’m starting to blog, but can’t figure this out yet!!! Why aren’t my first blogs posting?  How can I read someone else’s blogs? I’ve got interesting content but why isn’t it showing up!!!!

In the meantime, play this little quiz, and I’ll work hard to keep up.


Questions for the battle of the sexes

Male Questions:

1. Which of the is the most common method of birth control in Canada


A) the pill

B) the condom

C) sterilization otherwise known as the snip

2. What is the #1 most common female sexual problem

A) Low sex drive, or “not this month honey I’ve got a headache

B) Difficulty reaching orgasm or “are you done yet?”

C) Sexual pain or get that thing away from me!

3. According the Durex Sex Survey a majority of Canadian
women prefered making love in

A) The shower

B) The bed

C) The great outdoors

Female Questions:

1. What is the average penis size in Canada, is it

A) 5 inches

B) 6 inches

C) 7 inches

2. What is the most common male sexual problem is it:

A) erection problems or where’s the Viagra?

B) Premature ejaculation otherwise known as the 1 minute man

C)  Or moody hormonal imbalances

3. According to the Durex Sex Survey, most Canadian men make love

A) between 7 and 8 AM

B) between 10:30 and 11 PM

C) Saturday night after 8 PM between periods of hockey night in Canada

Cheeky tomato blog

Welcome to my blog!  Being 14 years in radio, I’m all about the audio, and I’m trying to podcast, but wanted to get started with some literate, great information about smut.  God, I love technology.  Can you be a geek that talks about sex?  I’m a sex therapist, with some crazy ideas about solving sexual problems.  My particular expertise is that I can solve sex problems, quickly, with humor, and in the nicest possible way. Check out my site, and I figure out how to change, update and create a new content and talk to people about things I found so fascinating.  Sex, it’s so interesting.   I want to talk to people about the kind of ses they are hearing, and answer questions that I’m getting on my website.
It’s a start, and I’m blogging….

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