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Who inspires you??? Listen to my audio “streeter” (random people I accosted with a mic)

admireYou would think I would be a huge follower of cool blogs. Given that I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting on my ass in front of my computer hunting and pecking on my keyboard creating my own content you might expect me to read other people’s musings. I used to wonder who had time to simply surf???? They sure weren’t working Mothers.

The truth is that although I regularly read Psychology Today, drop in at (although it’s not nearly as cool as the Nerve of old), the only blog I allow to send me daily updates to my email is Ree Drummond’s Pioneer Woman. I love her cookbooks, try and catch her show on the Food Network, and think she is me if I was from Oklahoma, had red hair, and married a cattle rancher. She simply started posting pictures of her kids online and writing about her adventures of cattle ranching in the middle of nowhere seven years ago and her blog exploded. I admire her tenacity, her writing, and her beef with bacon recipes. From that she’s written four books, and launched a syndicated television series- all from her own kitchen. That is reinventing yourself. ree

I got to interview Ree about 18 months ago for my radio show Love and Lipstick. Understated, but quick, I’m going to find the clip and paste it below. I also wanted to offer up an audio clip of me talking to random strangers about who they admire. It’s amazing how many of them mention their Mom’s. And given that Mother’s Day is Sunday (you remembered right…?) take a moment to write (or say) something nice to your Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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