Anal sex. Why bend over boning is now in vogue.


It used to be that few heterosexual couples engaged in anal intercourse. And those who did, rarely spoke of it. It didn’t mean you hadn’t tried it, or weren’t curious about it, but when you have no clear information (or it is a secret nobody discussed), then you learn that “up the butt” is bad. The only information you got was from “clinical doctor-type” pamphlets that said anal sex leads to a loose sphincter (so you can’t hold in properly, which is a scare-mongering myth). Or from porn stars who looked liked they were taking a tree trunk up their ass and enjoying it. agh!

Fortunately ass play is beginning to come of age. The new study from the home of crazy sex surveys, Rutgers University claim that 27% of all couples engage in anal sex. I think it’s closer to 35% but I have no stats beyond years of speaking to thousands of couples to back up my numbers. What’s happened is that there is loads more information about the part A into slot B and how to’s than there ever was before. So if you need some details (check out my blog on anal sex 101 as told to me during my interview with Nina Hartley), then here is a list of what’s hot and new in detailed butt sex information:

A new book, “Master Class: Anal Sex,” is scheduled to be published this month by the Erotic Print Society. It will be a guide complete “with professional photographs that pull no punches and specially commissioned drawings.”

But it will be competing in a crowded field. “Anal Sex for Couples: A Guaranteed Guide for Painless Pleasure,” came out last fall, and the “Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women” (second edition) by Village Voice columnist and porn director/producer Tristan Taormino arrived a year ago. Later this month, she will release her new instructional video, “Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex.” And The New York Times named a memoir of anal sex, “The Surrender,” by former ballet dancer Toni Bentley, one of the most notable books of 2004.

I interviewed Toni Bentley (there’s a blog about that in my archives too), but I’ll see if I can dig up and add the audio of the interview here tomorrow. In the meantime, have a look at this very, very funny clip about identifying your partner’s asshole.


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