Behind the Whip. What dominatrixes know your the men in your life and why you need to catch up.

I just finished an interview with Maria Coletsis of Vancouver yesterday. She’s the professional photographer and researcher who has written the new insightful portrait book called Behind the Whip.

Maria went all over the world photographing and interviewing all of the famous dominatrixes. She said it was fascinating speaking to these women. She explained some cultural differences between these dom’s. As an example,  the Japanese doms use intricate rope techniques, the German dom’s are much harsher and use military discipline in their sessions. The British doms’ are all about the naughty school boy and Mommy figures in their play.

Maria explained to me that despite their differences and locations these women were all strong women who were inately kinky. These aren’t “hookers with a crop”, these women all lived the dom lifestyle 24/7 in both their personal and professional lives.

What came out of my discussion for everyday use is how much their clients need to “escape”. The hour a week when they can let go and not be incharge is bliss for these men. The role play and the fantasy varies, but that so many more men are sexually submissive. The clients are all ages, but Maria said two of the men she saw were young, good looking, and successful. They all said that they could NEVER tell their wives their fantasies. So the paid the $400 an hour to be spanked, humiliated, comforted or allowed to play a role. She said they are much more that actresses, but that there is always a part of the dramatic. She also said that the dom’s are completely turned on by their work.

I’ll post the interview and some of the pictures on my site if you want to hear more about her insights.