Being comforted during the riots. The kissing Vancouver couple.

It’s an unbelievable picture. The picture of the couple kissing during the Vancouver hockey riot. If you’re not from Canada you might not understand how important hockey is to our culture. I watched game 7 of the Stanley Cup final along with the rest of my country and we were all devastated by the loss of the Vancouver Canucks to the Boston Bruins. Leaded the scoring and were expecting to walk away with the big prize. Hockey is as close to a national religion as we have and although you can’t excuse it, there were many in Vancouver upset with the loss.

Here’s the story however. Alex Thomas a 20 something Canadian girl was hit during the chaos of the riots. Her boyfriend, hunky Aussie Scott Jones gets down on the ground to comfort her. During the romantic, passionate kiss he gave her after finding out she was okay, Vancouver photographer caught the photo of the mystery couple with the riot police in the background.  Sweet, caring, authentic and oblivious to the world around them, this international couple showed loving in the middle of a horrible melee.

Loved the story. The cynical press thinking this picture had been faked immediately tried to find out the names of the couple. Here’s what Jones’s mother had to say when his identity was confirmed.

“It is something he would do, that’s our boy,” Scott’s mother Marie told ninemsn in Australia. “He has always lived in his own world, he’s special like that. He doesn’t always connect with what’s going on around him.”

Gallant and loving. Loved this story and I thought you would too.