Best sites and places to go for a quick hook up. Casual sex R us, more options than you may be aware of.

So you are just out of a relationship, are married with no sex at home, want some variety or are to busy for a relationship.  You don’t want complications, but would love to get your oil changed. Where do you go if you are simply looking for a quick hook up?

How does one go out finding a casual sex partner? As a sex therapist I try to be in the know. I talk to thousands of people (in my practice and on radio) all looking for options for what I call “inconsequential sex”.

This is beyond the three free sites that seem to be the most popular.,, andthe ever famous There used to be singles on kijiji (which ere very effective) and the is a free “lifestyle” (read swingers) site at  Other sites that seem to work are (if you are already in a relationship and want something on the side) or I was just reading about a new one for students called You have to show proof of enrollment (IE. student email address to be a member) but it offers clear suggestions for taking a break from studying…

“After signing up, students are can post listings to search for their ideal casual hookups — note that there is a section dedicated for those looking for something “platonic” or “serious” as well — and participate in a member-only live chat.”

If you are more adventurous, you can try any of the adult clubs in most of the major cities or either the groups or the site. Swing clubs are legal in Canada and very popular as small “house settings” in the US.  you are clean, attractive, not creepy or too aggressive your chances for hooking up on any given night seem strong.

My advice is be clear, and sell yourself as a friend (albeit with benefits). Your ad needs to be spectacular. I’ve written over 200 for patients and have been tracking the stats about what pulls. No nudity, a sense of humour, self deprecating language, well written (with a spell check), smiling photo for women (and mischievous one for men) and you should at least get the coffee date.

Good luck and I hope you get the summer of love you are seeking.

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