5 new date night ideas this spring.

As I tell my clients finding time for date nights is one of the top five things you can do for your marriage. Other research based steps to great relationships include communicating with humour, putting your partner’s needs first, stopping fighting before it gets miserable among other things.
But something you can do today to improve the quality of your relationship is planning a sexy date night with your sweetie.
Here are 5 new ideas to book right now
1. Museum of Nature Costa Rica butterfly exhibit
Tropical heat, coloured insects, flowers, foliage and a chance to get some amazing pictures make this a favourite.

2. Stargaze. Cozy up under a blanket and watch the stars together. You can search for constellations if you want, or you can just enjoy the view. Google what you are likely to see this time of year, include a bottle of wine and turn your phone off.

3. Beer tasting. Most Groupons have coupons for breweries in your area cheaply. There is a new article about how the hops in beer increase women’s oxytocin levels. Have her wear your sweater and the hormone will crank event higher.

4. Rent a convertible for the day. Celebrate the start of convertible weather by renting one for the day and take a mini road trip with the top down. There’s no better way to enjoy the fresh spring air than having it hit you right in the face while coasting through scenic surroundings with that special someone.

5. Make a time capsule of your date

Whatever you decide to do, make a point to capture one of your spring dates. Hold on to any and all tangible memorabilia, from tickets, to dinner receipts, to brochures, cafe napkins, or wine corks. Gather the mementos in a box, along with a handwritten letter to your future selves. Set it aside (or bury it) and set a future date, next season or even next spring, to open it again together and reminisce in a big way.

Lyme disease, sexual functioning and what to do

I certainly remember running through the long grass as a kid. Now I avoid wooded paths and meadows like the plague. The number of deer ticks with Lyme disease in Eastern Ontario is at an all-time high and it’s something Canadians are still catching up about..
As a Sex Therapist I am seeing more and more clients in my office who are struggling with Lyme disease. Symptoms include chronic fatigue, joint and pelvic pain, complete lack of interest in sex, and who are simply trying to get through the day with no energy.
It’s especially impactful for women who previously had a normal sex life and then who’s libido suddenly dropped off

Lyme disease is controversial as so many people have different symptoms. The most typical is sever fatigue. Avril Lavigne (who’s from Napanee a few hours drive west of Ottawa) said this in her interview with Billboard magazine “it was an important step in raising awareness around the disease and the complications that come with treating it. “I’m achy, I’m fatigued, I cannot get the fuck out of bed — what the fuck is wrong with me?” she told Billboard, describing her symptoms.

Dr. Ingram says a person contracts Lyme disease when cork-screw-like bacteria, called spirochetes, are released from the mouthparts of the biting tick and bore into the joints and connective tissues of their human hosts, where they cause significant inflammation and pain, as well as tissue damage.

“There is a wide range of other germs which may ‘co-infect’ the tick bite victim, including organisms which may attack the brain and nervous system,” Dr. Ingram said.

LYME DISEASE SYMPTOMS MAKE DIAGNOSIS DIFFICULT and can create a host of confusing symptoms – both immediate and delayed. The disease is frequently misdiagnosed: fibromyalgia, arthritis, polymyositis, depression, multiple sclerosis, ALS, schizophrenia, psychosis, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Lyme also specifically attacks the heart and nervous system. Thus, victims of Lyme and other tick bite diseases are also often told that they have Bell’s palsy, neuropathy, pericarditis, and cardiomyopathy, while tick bite diseases and Lyme, as the causes, are never considered.

What I see as a Sex Therapist is people who can’t get answers about changes to their sexual functioning.

I certainly starts with a diagnosis. Be the squeaky wheel and get blood tests if your libido tanks for no reason. Hormones can play a role but if they all come back normal and you have explored other options asked to be tested for Lyme disease. I’ve had three clients this year test positive. The City of Ottawa tested ticks found in an area near my beehive on Richmond Road. 90% of the ticks tested were positive for Lyme disease.

Here are some steps from Dr. Ingram to protect yourself.
1. Wear the lightest-colored clothes possible, preferably white or off-white. White is best since the tiny tick nymphs which are black can be seen more readily. Larger ticks can be easily seen against such a background.

2. Socks are pulled over the pant legs. The socks should be white.

3. Wear a hat to prevent ticks from falling from tall grass or trees onto the head.
Be sensitive, and be aware. Have a high awareness for entities crawling on the body or in the hair. If any such sensations occur, check the body immediately.

4. Any tick bite, if discovered, should be treated topically. The tick itself, along with the bite area, should be saturated with the oil of wild oregano to attain constant contact, which is ideal to destroy any residual tick-related germs and the consequential local inflammation.

Oil of oregano will literally burn away the protective exterior membranes (biofilm) of viruses and pathogen transmitted by an infected tick. See your doctor for antibiotics.

Spray the shoes, socks, and legs with the natural, potent tick repellent

The new workshop this Sunday in Ottawa connects partners in new ways. It’s the anti-Tinder movement.

Dating needs to re-invent itself. April 28th dating event in Ottawa 3 -5:15 pm

Between the soul crushing, mass-emails of hookup sites, to online Nigerian scammers, and swipe left “you are not-good-enough-looking” picture aps there are challenges to finding potential partners. All of these have been amplified over the last five years. And if you are looking for a non-conventional relationship how do you find someone out-of-the-box?

This Sunday’s Anti-Tinder, authentic, funny, engaging and informative dating workshop is a new approach to meeting a traditional or non-traditional partner.

It includes a comedian to get you laughing, speakers to catch you up on all the latest information, chocolate to feed your soul, and a new way of meeting people that focuses on who you are, rather than what you do or look like.

3pm, The Orange Hall 41 Rosemount Ave Ottawa (Wellington and Parkdale) $30 at the door.

Give these questions some thought before you arrive..

1. What brings you joy?

2. What is the best vacation you’ve ever had? Why?

3. What is your favourite guilty pleasure activity?

4. What are your relationship deal breakers?

5. How would you describe yourself as a kid? What’s quirky about you?


It’s the fourth edition at doing the coolest of Duckling dating events. We’ve learned from each of them and know of many relationships and dates happened out of the last gathering. We are adding an online component so we are doing the best of both online and in persona connections.

Everyone needs to bond to that one (or more) special person(s) . The Duckling dating games event is a gathering for Ducklings looking to have fun and connect or market themselves in a way that shows each person in the best possible light. In the almost four years the Ducklings have been running we have had over 50 love matches which makes us kick-ass at putting people together. It just turns out that if you put like-minded adults together then attraction happens.

We have a number of super cool singles (or the it’s complicated crowd) who have been pushing us to try some more togetherness events (if you catch our drift). We tried a fun speed connecting event last year and had a blast with the dating game but realized the evening needed more focus. We want this event to be about our cool Ducklings meeting each other. It’s for all Ducks who are looking to make intimate and personal connections with other Ducklings but with no pressure and a sense of humour. This is the group between “Meet my parents on the second date” and “I’m bed-notching and only looking to hook up”. It can be about meeting friends, lifetime partners, or potential “let’s get horizontal” friends.

We’ve often been asked how do you find those Ducks who might be in the same place that you are and have great oral hygiene.
2 duck event.

Think of it as a chance to be introduced (not in front of everyone so don’t be scared), and showcase your best features without being judged on looks. We plan to anonymous answers to fun questions on the wall so people can learn your interesting quirks. We are going to talk about how to approach and talk to a person of interest. As well as how get to know people beyond the same old conversations. This is not about small talk. Nor is it entirely about what you look like. Learn some skills you can use anywhere. And meet Ducklings you can be friends with or maybe something more.

We will run the old funny dating game show as an ice breaker. Expect to laugh and relax.

Last time we tried a dating event, almost everybody chose the “looking for something but don’t know what” wristband. This time you will have to be way more specific. We recommend a lot of thought about what you want. If you register in advance we will send you out a handout so you can give some thought to the questions. If you are coming as a couple we suggest significant conversation before attending so that you are on the same page as your partner. It really helps to understand where each other is at BEFORE the event happens.

It’s an open event so bring a friend if that makes you feel more comfortable. We pride ourselves on running events that make you feel safe. And we will have fondue so you can share a strawberry with someone of interest.

We think Ducklings are the coolest, kindest, most interesting people we have ever met. And we want them to know each other and feel the love.

ps. we don’t discriminate about relationship models or orientation. Couples, singles, triads all welcome. We are not the bed police. $30 to attend. This is a 2 duck event.

$30 at the door or in advance here!

Non-Monogamy four week workshop starting Apr 15. Avoid the landmines and connect!

You can read definitions online of what swinging, or polyamory might be outlined as. But what do they really mean?
We have a new non-monogamy course starting later this month. It’s like being in the best class you have ever attended where everyone has read the book and participated. Read below for details.

The non-monogamous clients tend to be couples in long-term relationships who don’t want to split up but are desperate for more or different sexual experiences and partners. And there is no one-size fits all.

Examples of non-monogamy can be:
~Living with a third (or triad) and how do you deal with that?
~Two couples connecting with each other (quad)
~Heterosexual couple Bringing in an extra male (hot wife)
~Swing clubs where everything from gentle touching on the dance floor to full blown orgies (and everything in between) happens
~Polyamorous. Means to love more than one person. But can be someone who is married and has a girlfriend/boyfriend or more.
~Alternative relationships in all kinds of ways. Asexual while one partner has other sexual interactions, monogamous but in different cities.
~One relationship two dwellings. Or having their own dedicated space within a dwelling.
~Friend with benefits for an occasional hook up
~periodic hall passes.
~Group family or commune.

And so many more examples.
Trying to navigate it is hard. Consider joining us for a small group starting a few weeks from now. It’s the tool kit for managing non-monogamy without blowing your relationship up. It is great if you can join us in person but easy of you need to video in.

Monday April 15, Monday April 22, Monday April 29, Monday May 6 7-9(ish) pm
81 Pooler Ave. Very limited enrollment. $240/couple, $180 individual.

1. Intros, purpose of workshop, specific models of non-monogamy, ways of finding one’s own voice.

2. Specifics of sharing, Jealousy (Swing, poly and other non-monogamous forms). Rules, what works, contracts etc. Non-Monogamy checklist. What is the wish lists and deal breakers

3. What do you need/want. How do you negotiate that? How do you ask for it and how do you find it? Sharing and tools for understanding boundaries.

4. Group discussion about finding potential partners. A chance to practice skills and role play in a safe way. Stories about successful (and not-so-successful) models of play.

An informal social has happened in the past with the group and will be organized later following the completion of the workshop.

etransfer to


School of Sex. Nipple stimulation, anal sex and chocolate bunt cake! Be informed

It’s time for a School of Sex!

Our survey results mentioned Anal play as a topic of interest, and there are some new toys, and techniques around nipple and breast stimulation that needs addressing. We want to add some bunt cake to the mix (that’s the cake with a hole in it) along with a chance to meet, mingle and make new friends!

We will cover the 14 misconceptions about anal sex, and why 46% of Canadians want some kind of rear end play. The afternoon will also cover prostate massage, pegging, and the latest in butt toys. And if that’s not enough, we will outline a program of breast stimulation that the latest literature suggests actually works to improve size, and firmness of breast tissues. A fun activity to try with a friend (or friends!)

We will have a try-this-at-home play set of nipple clamps, and a game that involves “headlights”.

We think everyone can get better in bed. Even with over 25 years as a Sex Therapist there are always new things to learn. Be great in bed and up your sex IQ.

It’s discreet (you can wear a fake name and sit at the back of the room), funny, incredibly informative and interactive. And a number of our Duckling couples have met at School of Sex mingles. So it’s a great way to make connections. Come out on a Sunday afternoon and learn about bottom and breast play. And eat chocolate cake in funny shapes.

Cost is $30 (cash at the door) or by paypal below. You can also send an etransfer to bdspratt@gmailcom. Check out the site at
It runs 3-5:30 on Sunday, Feb 17th at the Rosemount Orange Hall.

Valentine’s Day gifts for under $10! Be sexy but cheap!

I love these suggestions! I use (they give me loyalty points) and are inexpensive!

Under $10

· Romantic Rose Petals ($3.99) – It is Valentine’s Day after all, why not bring some romance into the bedroom tonight? Spread these romantic rose petals around your bed and set the tone for a passionate lovefest.

· Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms 3 Count ($5.99) – Safety first! Unless you’re more interested in getting a U Check Pregnancy Test…. ($4.99)

· Edible Crotchless Gummy Panties (5.99) – Your partner doesn’t need to be the only snack in the bedroom tonight. Turn yourself into a tasty treat with these yummy Edible Gummy Undies. These delicious candy undies are a sexy way to satisfy your lover’s sweet tooth, available in peach, strawberry and watermelon flavors.

· Fetish Fantasy Series Beginner’s Metal Cuffs ($5.99) – Hey, beginners all have to start somewhere right? These metal cuffs are perfect for bondage novices yet strong enough for even Houdini. The locking mechanism has a quick-release button in case you lose the key, and their sturdy design ensures they’re made to play hard.

· Ultimate Roll Bedroom Dice ($6.99) – Not sure how to spend Valentine’s night? Why not… roll the dice. In this game of chance, there are no losers. Dice Include: Foreplay Activities, Fun Props, Oral Sex Positions and Sex Positions.

· JO All in One Warming Massage Glide ($4.99) – It’s getting hot in here! Use this as a massage oil to get the party started, then use it as lube to conveniently slip into something more comfortable – like the person next to you. Plus, it warms as you use it, like a hot tub, in your hands… or pants!

Dec 1st Naughty Xmas Market at the Orange Hall!

This is adult Christmas shopping! It’s all the items you can’t buy at a church bazaar this holiday. Corsets, pasties, Erotic Art, wine, Toys, and so much more.

We will have pictures with Santa only far more inappropriate. A lingerie fashion show and a Christmas playlist that they don’t play in elevators. $10 at the door and proceeds are going to Ottawa breast cancer support for local survivors. We have two Ducks (and Blaik’s sister) all fighting breast cancer and we want to help.

You can park in the school parking lot across the street. Music, community, shopping wine, Santa, food all for a fantastic cause. We will have elves wrapping presents and some fabulous vendors. Come and join us.

The Rosemount Orange Hall! 41 Rosemount Ave Ottawa. Parking across the street at the school

Your sperm needs some TLC! How to get your boys in the best shape for the swim of their lives!

It’s amazing how many of my clients are struggling with fertility. Yes the recipe requires fresh eggs, and yes it’s important to spend some time naked and horizontal to conceive.  But male fertility after years of microwaving yogurt containers (full of bad estrogens that diminish sperm), and too many soccer balls to the gonads male infertility is on the rise. 

Thanks to the brilliant Orlando urologist for suggestions on keeping your sperm in tip top shape.  
1. The Magic Number – The magic number is 15 million – sperm per milliliter, that is. Infertility could be the result if the count is much lower than this benchmark.

2. Take a Lap – While a high sperm count is good, a high ‘swimming’ sperm count is also important. In general, about a quarter of the sperm will swim and drive your chances of achieving a pregnancy. For patients that have extremely low sperm count, doctors can often do surgical procedures to obtain sperm that can be used for in vitro fertilization (IVF).

3. Watch the Sauna – Causes of sperm production issues include higher temperatures such as when a man is frequently exposed to hot tubs or saunas, dilated blood vessels around the testicle (called varicocele), abnormal testosterone levels such as when a man takes testosterone injections, environmental factors and certain medications like hair loss medication.

4. New International Study – Sperm counts are dropping. Data presented at ASRM last month by IVI-Reproductive Medicine Associates Global (IVI-RMA Global) found that the proportion of men with normal total motile sperm counts is declining over time.

5. Boxers or Briefs? – Men should feel free to choose whatever underwear fits best without fertility concerns. While it was thought that perhaps briefs increased temperatures of the testicles and might affect sperm production, this is truly an old wives’ tale.

Oh note on boxers. Briefs hold your boys close to your body and keep the skin of your scrotum from stretching. You don’t want to have to throw your testicles over your shoulder as you age.

Best date nights when the weather gets yucky and cold

It’s November. The clocks have gone back and at least in my part of the world it’s gotten cold. -18 with the wind tonight. Halloween is over and Christmas seems like a long way off. For our American friends the holidays are approaching with a list of things to do. The date nights are hard to initiate and get motivated.

The urge to pull the covers over your heads is strong. But relationships need time, energy and enthusiasm. Even (or especially) when it’s hard to do.
I’ve borrowed some of the list from my friends at Elite and have added a few of my own. I have a list of more sexual things you might try

1. Go for a dip in a local hot spring (or hot tub).

2. Hit the ice rink or pond for some adorable couples skating.

3. Go for a stroll (or cruise around in a nice warm car) to look at all holiday lights together.

4. Take a stroll in a nearby state park and pack a thermos of some adult (aka spiked) hot chocolate.

5. Do a winter wonderland photoshoot.

6. Hit the slopes for a snowboarding or sledding adventure.

7. Hike a local nature trail. It’s gorgeous out there, so why not see it together?

8. Fire up a bonfire on the beach or in your backyard and roast some s’mores.

9. Crack open your local parks and rec guide to find local winter events or programs you didn’t even know existed in your town.

10. Book a trip to somewhere with warmer climates. Hawaii sounds amazing right about now.
11. Break out some boardgames or jigsaw puzzles and play over steaming cups of mulled wine.

12. Check out Atlas Obscura and visit some nearby strange and unusual attractions or museums.

13. Or go the total opposite and play tourist at your most popular local attraction.

14. With the weather turning colder, less fortunate folks and our furry friends need even more help than in the warmer months. Pick a cause and volunteer together.

15. Speaking of furry friends, go visit them in the zoo or at the aquarium.

16. Play some indoor sports together like indoor mini golf, going for swim at the local indoor pool, or bowling a few games.

17. Scale an indoor rock climbing wall together.

18. Arcades are making a comeback and oftentimes they even serve drinks, so gather up your quarters and go get your Ms. Pac-Man on.

19. Head to a local brewery to taste all the awesome seasonal beers. Mmmm so pumpkin-y.

20. Test your teamwork skills with an escape room (seriously, these are so fun).


21. Rent a cabin up in the mountains or by a lake and just try not to have the most romantic weekend.

22. Netflix and chill is for the rest of year, but Netflix and snuggle? That’s my idea of winter fun. Not sure what to watch? Each of you should pick their favorite movie and make it a double feature.

23. Make an amazing dinner together at home. Pick something that makes you feel cozy in the winter and use lots of seasonal veggies.

24. Snuggle up in front of a fire with some spiked hot chocolate or bundle up under a blanket together and watch the sunset with a couple of mugs.

25. Embrace your inner child by building a pillow fort… and then do really adult things inside it.

26. Paint your toes or groom each other. It’s one of the most bonding things you can do together.

27. Put on some fast music and dance.

28. Come to a Ducklings event! Or check us out and duplicate one of our crazy ideas!

29. Develop a hobby together! Beekeeping course, salsa dancing, beginner volleyball, paint nights….

30. SEX! As your sex therapist I’m actively encouraging you to get naked!

How being sexy can make you live longer

I used to talk to my clients about why being more intimate was good fro your relationship. And obviously that it felt good to do. Now I talk about it related to health. In the last two decades all the research suggests that sex does much more than be a fun, free activity. It is remarkably good for you. 

Longevity research has gotten lots of publicity lately with National Geographic funding the “Blue Zone Study” about the places in the world where humans live the longest. The UK has now funded a Ministry of Loneliness after proving that community is one of the main markers for health and long life. Community, sex and having three people you can count on are all markers for living into your ninth decade. 
A Harvard University study done in August 2018 identified five key habits that could potentially add a decade to life expectancy, including eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and drinking only moderately. Find out how adding sensuality to your life can have you living longer. 

You can read the whole article here.

Other suggestions include taking a walk, getting enough sleep, drinking coffee and a small amount of the locally distilled alcohol, avoid early retirement and don’t act your age.

Finding time to get naked and sexy seems ket. I did an interview this week with Joanne Laucius from Postmedia about sex and older adults.We are still getting it on and finding new ways to connect with sex partners. She raised the question is it the endorphins from sex or is it the fact that we are connecting and being intimate with someone that helped healthy aging? I think it’s both but either way as your friendly, neighborhood Sex Therapist I’m encouraging you to get it on.

There was

A Review of Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

We had a wonderful opportunity to visit Book Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, in Puerto Morelos last week. From the short (25 minute) professionally handled commute (from Cancun airport) to the opening greetings by all the staff of “welcome home” we knew we were in for something special. Pearl is a small hotel but opulent. It has the wow factor. Its goal is to be the most exclusive couples resort in the Caribbean. In that it succeeds, at least in our experience.

The staff are superbly trained to be attentive yet give you the space you wish. Some guests wish to very interactive, some are looking for a holiday of solitude and reconnection. It is a hotel that pledges to encourage you to be whomever you wish to be. From the very sexy and flirty to the simply elegant and private. There are only 88 rooms, with 12 of them being elaborate suites, and the hotel boasts 240 staff. The room are very comfortable, well appointed and large. The grounds are immaculate and eco-sensitive.  There are multiple restaurants serving a variety of meals. The resort has 5-star amenities throughout.

What differentiates Pearl from other resorts is the emphasis on couples. (Singles are not allowed reservations). Pearl attracts a very loyal clientele that wish to be sensuous. Nudity around the pool is common but very relaxed during the daytime. Restaurant dress code at this time of day is simple and casual. In fact, with the very active and engaged animation and bar staff, the resort resembles top end fun destinations throughout the Caribbean from sun up until about 4pm. However, after 4 the focus transfers to more adult interests. The large hot tub comes alive with a laughter filled happy hour (the swim up bar staff are fantastic).  Couples still have quiet space if desired but most are actively engaged in conversation. While there are no clothes to be seen in the hot tub, dress is very elegant for dinner and many couples have complete costumes for the nightly theme dances that include nautical, western, and neon nights.

Dinner is very elegant if you choose the Pearl restaurant. You may also choose a very cozy gastro bar for tapas or a larger common dining room. No matter where you go, the clothing is eye popping. You end up knowing the names of the serving staff as the level of service and interaction is so high. The word we use to describe the staff best is charming. You simply want to get to know them better.

There are some deals to be had if you pick off-season or follow the website and watch for specials. Otherwise the rack rate is very high. This is not a resort for the budget conscious. There are enticing extras such as the spa services. Or you can order special meals including one that is served on the beach where somehow you end up having a sizzling romantic encounter at the end of it – on the beach bed. Use your imagination. In fact, the hotel specializes in creating fantasy encounters. They have a senior staff member dedicated to bringing them to life.  (Kind of like a wedding planner, but just for those fantasies you always wished would happen, but you had no clue where to start).  Everything is done amazingly well, but make sure you are prepared for the bill when you check out.

Desire sells the feeling. The feeling of attention to detail and that you are important. You also feel very safe in the resort. In fact, if you stay on the resort for your entire trip, we don’t have any reservations about saying that safety should not be a concern at all when selecting Pearl as a holiday destination. This area of Mexico is well patrolled and very tourist focused. There is a safe in each room and guards on duty everywhere. If you wander the grounds at night, the only sounds you hear coming from the bushes are small local animals, the most predominant being little raccoons. The resort also sells the feeling of community. Everybody wants to belong to a group and you quickly feel like the other guests are your people.

If you prefer to focus on your partner and just be silly, the Saturday afternoon foam party in the pool is not to be missed. Jello shots are distributed during the swim and it is an opportunity to watch a hundred adults turn into children again. Or you can find a quiet pool side bed and focus on your partner in other ways… many choices.

Like any destination, there are downsides. The hot tub can be overwhelming for a first timer just dipping a toe into nudism or lifestyle activities. Expect to be approached by folks who may be fueled by liquid courage and who may not display appropriate decorum. Also expect to see sexual activities front and center.  (On the flip side, if you are trying to decide between Desire Pearl and Desire Riviera Maya, the people we interviewed were unanimous in stating Pearl was the quieter and less aggressive of the two resorts).

We would also recommend sandals with good tread. We found the tile and polished concrete around the pool area to be slippery after heavy rainfalls. The staff works extraordinarily hard in keeping the water off these surfaces but just be aware.

Pearl sells plans of pre-paid nights. We were very surprised with the number of guests who had purchased the plans. To a person, everyone was thrilled. They wanted to be part of something, and generally the story was the same. They had traveled around, tried a bunch of other places and decided Pearl was home. The feeling was if this is where they planned on returning annually (or more often), then it was better to have a discount and some perks. We truly could not find anybody with buyers remorse.

If you are looking for an opportunity to spark up your relationship in a big way, or dip a toe in the world of sensuous and flirty adventures then this is definitely the place. You are immediately surrounded by friends. As the manager told us “Mexico is about people”. Talking with hundreds of guests and staff over a week, at least in this gorgeous slice of the Yucatan, it would be very hard to disagree.

Sue McGarvie & Blaik Spratt

Boudoir shoot! Couples, Men (dude-oir) & women. With makeup, wine, and food.

Sunday, Nov 4th from 11 am to 6 pm. Choose a time that works! Food, wine, professional makeup (for those without testicles) , amazing photographs, lingerie, party atmosphere (but private photo time) and a chance to find your sexy selves! It’s part of the body image series.

Boudoir Photography and party with champagne, great food, friends, chocolate and sexy pictures!

We love doing boudoir. It’s becomes magical. Women feeling beautiful, empowered and the guys are happy to have something erotic and personal. Anyone who has done them raves about them. We get top, professional makeup application and the amazing Duckling photographer Brian Kiloran and (and his lovely wife G). By turning it into a party (with economies of scale) we can do the event for $150 per person or couple. So you can have together and alone for the same price. What a deal! We’ve had a number of photographers over the years but Brian’s pictures really stand out.Read the testimonials

Look back on yourself when you are 80 and see how hot you really were! Do it for yourself, to torment the guys who might possibly see them with your beauty or give it as a for-his-eyes-only gift. Sexy couple photos are also welcome if you would prefer to do them together.

Mimosa’s, (champagne and orange juice) chocolate, and the sexiest photos you can imagine! It’s safe, discreet, private, and super fun! Women or couples, it’s sensuous (but safe), erotic and fun. Participants can wear whatever they would like (bring it with you) and you have time for one change of outfits. You have a private area for photo’s and it’s all relaxed and discreet. Professional makeup artist will be there to transform you. You need to have your own hair done when you arrive. It all happens on Sunday, Nov 4th (and everyone is in town for the Halloween party) at 81 Pooler Ave.
So pictures, food, and community!

Bring something yummy to share and I’ll make up pitchers of our trademarked sangria and mimosa’s. We have limited room for photos so it is a first come first serve. Cost is $150 (either alone or together) which includes makeup, photo shoot, and two photographs. You may purchase the library of other shots (the ones where you aren’t blinking) directly from the photographer. They have different packages or just stick with the few amazing ones you are guaranteed. Given that there are upfront expenses, you need to pay in advance here, or commit to paying in cash and NOT BAILING! Given that we have to pay to the photographer and makeup, we need 10 days notice to cancel once you commit or you will be billed for missing the event.

Buy now!