fish oil for your hard on’s

I was speaking with my buddy Mike Bode yesterdaymike’s site.  He’s the former Mr. Strongman guy that now runs this leading store selling nutricitionals and testosterone based supplements.  He tells me that Omega 3’s, Yohimbine in it’s strongest form, and a product called Vigor is what you need to keep the blood flowing through your Mr. Johnson.  It helps women reach orgasm, but is especially effective for me. Omega 3’s are best as either wild salmon oil, or believe it or not, seal oil.  Support the Newfoundland fishing industry, and buy some of the native seal oil tablets.  They have almost double the Omega 3 oil, and is very good for your weenie.

Seduction bomb

Shag As defined by Webster’s, Seduction is the process of deliberately enticing another person into an act (see motivation). The word can have a negative connotation, either seriously or mildly (and also used jokingly), and may refer to an act that the other may later regret and/or would normally not want to do.

On last night’s show we discussed the process for becoming a “player” or having women fall at your feet. The book, The Game, (which I looked for at Chapters today, and couldn’t find…) and Mystery the infamous pick up artist find out about the book, and you too, can pick up women in bars  it seems that the men who listen to my show (smart, amazing listeners that they are) were quite interested in the process.  Hear the conversation about it with this podcast.

Dress funny, play hard to get, and reel them in.  Dating 101 coaching, and it’s all here.  So stay tuned to more on this after I actually read the book. Feedback welcome… Pickup artist, not just an 80’s movie anymore.Pickup_movie





And your Mother won’t find it in your sock drawer

Happy Easter. There are lots of sex topics that work with major holidays, but Ester usually isn’t opn of them. For wome chocolates are always a good choice, because it puts us in the mood. Not just because it contains phenelethamine (sp?), but the sugar, caffeine and combination of other magic things we love can take us from hom hum, to "do me babe" in a short period of time. ChocolateI have a friend that says you give a woman flowers in public, but choclate in private.  You’ll likely get some action, trust me.

The other must have thing for Easter is one of my 10 sexy must have things, known as the vibro egg.  The perfect Easter gift, under $20, comes in different colors, easy to hold (that universal shape), vibrates like mad, great inside, outside, around the head of the penis or back of the testicles, nipples, or where ever needs a little stimulation. It has the added benefiit of not looking like a sex toy if your mom happens to find it in your sock drawer….Vibro_egg2

Where did I put that turkey baster?

Apparently some uber-right wing republicans in the US are trying to pass through legislation to ban gays, lesbians and single women from getting artificial insemination.  The thinking is that unless you are married, and heterosexual, you aren’t allowed to use the sperm banks. You can be drunk, homeless and have a love of sheep to make a sperm donation, but withdrawls are going to be closely monitored by the religious right.

So in the spirit of Martha stewart, try this at home folks, I’m going to offer advice on how to do this by yourself and save the money. 

Here’s how to have a let’s get pregnant party:

About the time you should be ovulating (15 days before the start of your next period is optimum).  Invite a bunch of your freinds over, and make sure to have a supply of cool erotica and a few dirty pictures, a bunch of clean glasses, beer, and a average turkey baster.  With Easter close at hand they may even be on sale.  Have as many male friends that you are sure are clean of sexually transmitted diseases take turns in the bathroom (with or without the porn) producing samples.  Shake it all together so you aren’t sure who’s your daddy (thus preventing any hassles with legalities), and using the turkey baster insert the semen mixture into your vagina and squirt.  Stay lying down for a half hour, and wait until your breasts start getting sore and you miss your next period.Turkey_baster

That’s it. You don’t have to worry about some senator even being concerned about imposing their laws on your body.  I mean this a little tongue in cheek, but it actually works, and can get you pregnant in no time.  Good luck and please send me the birth announcement.

okay, my sex drive may be hibernating

So what do you do if you really would rather wash your hair than have sex?  I did my show tonight on low sex drive, and what to do about it tonight.   It still amazes me how many women do everything else but don’t spend the time making whoopie.  Hey, it triggers oxytocin, brings you closer together, improves your health, puts him in a good mood, brings out all those protective instincts in him, and helps keep your pelvic floor toned.

It’s a huge issue, and I can help.  Have a listen to the MP3 from my show outling a few suggestions.  Hell, even if you were having sex with the big wrench below, there is no way you are going to be hot and horny, all day every day.

My quick suggestions if you don’t want to listen to the whole questions is:
1. schedule sex.  Put it on the top of your list of things to do, and visualize all day how you would like it to go.
2. Make yourself a “I’m sexy, and I love sex” self talk tape, MP3, or goal sheet. I can help with a downloadable one.  Check out tomorrow’s rant for yours.
3. Have sex someplace exciting. Go parking, outdoors, someplace where you have a chance of getting caught, and crank up the dopamine.
4. Omega 3’s and CLA. Buy them from the health food store and take them religiously.  This from Kevin Trudeau, the guru on natural cures.  hey, he’s sold over 6 million copies of his book, so I think he knows what he’s talking about.
5. Chocolate helps, and a positive mental attitude, that if you start it, your body will quickly warm up to it.

more tomorrow.Bigwrench





hello Mr. prostate, I’m happy to prod you

Prostate2Urologists say that every man who lives long enough will have trouble with their prostate.  My favourite expression is that get to know it guys, because it will bite you in the ass when you least expect it.

It’s a cool thing, the prostate. Like a little donut, it circles the vas defrens (the tube that brings semen out of the body).  It produces most of the fluid in cum or ejaculate, and lines up perfectly on xray with the female G-Spot. So it’s guy’s P spot,or g equivalent and can give you a "different" kind of orgasm when stimulated.  Not like the visit to the proctologist, that’s just uncomfortable, necessary, but uncomfortable), stimulation of the prostate can feel really, really good.  Loaded with nerve endings there are two ways to reach it. One massaging between the back of the testicles and the anus, and the other, (only if you have short finger nails), but gentle stimulation inside by moving it slowly back and forth.  One of the top five most common phone sex fantasies (I would love to get a grant to study that), is men being penetrated by their partners a la strap on.  hey, if you want to do me there, I want to do you there….

They don’t know whay the prostate suddenly starts to enlarge, but it can hold toxins, and one of the best ways to "clean it out" is by regular, frequent ejaculations. That means, masturbating a few times a week if you don’t have a partner, or asking someone who likes you to help you out.  Tell them it’s medicinal, and your sex therapist told you to do it. 🙂

In the meanwhile, listen to my 90 second audio on the visit to the proctologist.

Can you put your ankles behind your ears?

Stripper Porn is hotter than usual these days.  With the new book by the vivid girls on how to be a XXX movie star, porn seems to be the new mainstream, with references popping up in everything from the grammy’s to Calvin Klein ads.  An industry under flux, porn is going through a transformation from the cheesy Dirk Diggler types portrayed in Boogie Nights, to grudging respectability as only a billion dollars can do. Have you tried one of the sensual dancing classes on how to strip for your partner?  Well I thought I would give it a whirl, and find out what all the buzz was about.  I’ll keep you posted…  I’ve interviewed Mary Taylor author of bedroom gamesmary’s teach you to dance site – she’s an ex stripper with 20 years experience who speaks on keeping it hot, and has written the book on embracing your inner stripper. Spanking

What I try to teach women is to find out where they are on the continuum from prudish to harlot finding a way to spice things up, while being authentic to their own sexuality.  It’s trying to find the line in the sand between the whore in the bedroom, Mom in the livingroom, and Wonderwoman everywhere else. I’m trying to be a spin mama making friends with your dust bunnies, and with keeping it hot being the thing I speak to women’s groups all over the continent about, it’s obviously something more than just me struggles with.

I just want to cast my vote to say that I think there may be nothing sexier than ordinary guys learning to strip. Just for the record, it’s what I want for my 40th birthday. The Full Monty sexy british movie that made me laugh and made me hot , and if I learn to dance anywhere near as well as those guys, I’ll consider my strip classes a huge success.More_male_strippers

EEK! Stretchmarks and penis sizes

NotgrabbingI get a bunch of e-mails from women who are so worried about what they look like naked. As a fellow woman with hips, I know how concerning it is to get naked in front of someone new for the first time.  Men, look, but most aren’t expecting porn star bodies, and just want enthusiasm in the bedroom. Guys, it seems, are fretting about the size of their equipment.  Actual, penis size is one of the top three questions I get from men. (premature ejaculation, and erections round it out).  And I tell them that average is better!!!! Too big, and you’re banging away at the back of her vagina, causing her ovaries to get jostled, and feeling like you’re getting stabbed, as he thrusts to what feels like the back of your throat.  I have way more patients come to see me with problems of being too big, rather than too small.  Just for the record, average is about 4-5 inches.  You can look hot and please your partner if you’re only packing a 3 inch dick. It’s much more important what it feels like in girth (width) than length.  We can handle  delivering a baby with a head the  size of a cantelope, but can olny handle a maximum of 5 -6 inches in our little caves.

I’ll give you the dirt on increasing your size, and finding out  what men  really want from thier partners in tomorrow’s blog.  Oh, here is my podcast  on penis size for your listening pleasure.Download sex_with_sue_minute_orgasms.mp3






what to do when things get itchy 2

Yeast_1 My e-mail last night was about the dreaded yeast infection! gasp!  The Horror!!!  the sticky, squooshy parts….  You know, Dear Sue, I’ve got that itchy, cottage cheese like discharge (hope you’re not eating…),

The Quick Fix

Barring those stupid television commercials would be a help, and giving women information on preventing and managing those infections would be a public service.  Women get it in the deflated balloon known as the vagina, and men get it in their sinuses, especially if they have oral sex.  Think about it, it’s a warm, dark place for the yeast to inhabit.  If you’re a guy who is going down on a woman (and if you’re not, you need to remedy that immediately, and with enthusiasm) you may be transferring yeast back and forth.

Think about it. It’s men’s empty (well sort of) cavity, and if guys have had too much antibiotics, their internal chemistry gets out of whack. It’s Boy_yeast fixable, but like women’s you need the facts and a quick trip to the grocery or health food store.                                                                     

The yeast and the bacteria in your body keep a happy balance.  When you use too much antibiotics, it wipes out all of the good balacing bacteria, and the yeast take over the planet. Put back the healthy bacteria and give things a good flush and voila! itchy is gone, you don’t need to spend money on going to the pharmacy, just to get another infection a week later.

Healthy bacteria is the stuff in yogurt.  Eating yogurt is good, but you would have to eat a vat of the damn stuff to give you the immediate results.  Start taking some handfulls of the lacto or acidobacillus capsules (anything in the bacillus family) in the fridge of your health food store, and for prevention, get used to taking some everyday like a vitamin C capsule.  Having daily orgasms through masturbation is the best way to flush the vagina (sneezing is the best way to clean the vagina cavity), and you should be right as rain within the next four days…

Here’s a new pill to make Mr. Happy stand at attention

Vitamins The truth as I know it about supplements. There as, yet are no pills to make you bigger. period. Don’t believe it, it is a scam.  I’ve interviewed 3 experts – Kevin Trudeau,, Mike Bode -Mr. Universe guy, ( and Ray Sahelian (his site tries to sell you stuff, just to warn you…)  There is still no magic pill to help premature ejaculation.  Have a listen to my interview with Mike Bode, and I’ll see if I can get the Kevin Trudeau one to play as well.

There is however, interesting stuff to enlarge your breasts (the pills causes your breasts to retain fluid), and a bunch of herbal viagra (Valura, and Vigor are the two best known ones), and a few others to cause you to bump up that failing libido.  The news from the Natural Health Expo that happened last week in Anaheim, California was that low carb is out, and cocao and chocolate and NONI juices are in.  Yeah for chocolLove ate lovers.  Now if you could combine chocolate with great sex herbs…hmmmm.

feeling the love, Sue

When a young man’s fancy turns to ….

Spring I don’t know what its like in your part of the world, but in Ottawa, we still have snow.  However, it’s melting fast and spring is in the air. It’s smell I associate with maple syrup, – a combination of dog poo, and that damp earth smell.  The thing about it is , that humans and apes, are the only species on the planet that doesn’t have a set time to go into heat.  We can conceive for those five days every month (the day the woman ovulates, and the four days before,  approx. 14 days before the start of her next period).  Like all life on this planet, this follows a lunar cycle, and as the days get longer, the birds return, the flowers bloom and out,  hormonal levels rise enough to start thinking about rutting.

Ah, the rut.  If the average guy thinks about sex 6 times an hour, and woman want it bad, depending on the time of the month, how do we reconcile these urges. I’m reading M. Jacoks book about evolutionary biology that says, getting out in the sun during the early spring is an effective way to kickstart libido.  So, get some sun on your face, and start thinking more about the birds and the bees. Bees

All this from your friendly neighbourhood sex therapist.

Okay, even more sex toys

I wrote a bunch of content for my new podcast, but until my computer gets fixed, we get to do it the old fashioned way.  I have this very cool new blackberry, so if you want to comment, I’ll recieve if on my new wireless…  I would love your feedback.

Anyway, here are a few more toys I like.  I’ll get through my list of cool sex toys this week, and then I’ll start on the audio podcasting.  Then you can listen as well as read.Bush_with_rabbit  I think everyone needs a toy as a stress reliever.  Here’s a pic with Mr. Bush and the ever popular rabbit. (and we know how stressed “shrubby” is these days…)

The Egg and Dual Bullets Combo

This is the toy that if your Mom finds in your sock drawer, she won’t know that it’s actually for putting a smile on your face. They’ll never get in the way, but they’ll take you all the way!  Most sex toys don’t even compare to this one but you get two together, they fit in, on or around every orifice in your body. The universal shape, can put it inside, outside, against the head of the penis, nipples, and in combination against the testicles, it’s great alone, but it’s real beauty is as a tandem toy. Think two for the price of one- this is a great starter toy.

Waterproof Jelly G – Spot

Considering that the best G- Spot orgasms will make you with you were in scuba gear, one for the bathtub, hot tub, lake etc. seems like a great idea. Covered in comfortable jelly with extra girth, so they press into you when they need to, the G Spot vibes, always have that little hook, that presses around your pubic bone. With the G Spot vibes, you can either get there or not (My doctor describes it as having to pick his wife up with his fingers…), depending on how close your G- Spot is to the surface of the vagina. Still, if you like internal stimulation, this is one of the best.