Can You Suggest Some Anal Sex Toys?


I really like anal sex with my husband. I think that it is better than regular sex. What kinds of toys can I buy that would go farther in than his cock can?


Dear Wondering,

There are a variety of sex toys meant for anal stimulation ranging in size from the petite beginner kit meant for opening up the sphincter weeks before anal penetration is possible, to the huge, honking fist-sized probes that have been packaged for the predominately gay market.

A moderate, slightly larger than penis-sized dildo should be as far as you can go safely, however. Anything too much bigger than a penis runs a real risk of damaging your sphincter muscle and leaves you with all kinds of problems with bowel elimination control (ugh!)

The rectum doesn’t stretch like a vagina, and actually tears much more easily. A puncture of the rectal wall can be very serious, even fatal. People usually get into problems by inserting objects that could break, or using too much anal eze (a product made with novocaine that numbs the whole area so you have much less sensation) where the warning pain is diminished and damage could result.

So, stick to a silicone or latex butt plug, dildo or vibrator. The butt plugs have a large base so that the toy doesn’t go deeper than you want and you have to go fishing (or worse, head to the doctor) to get it out. The good news is that with plenty of lube and a gentle hand you can have lots of anal play with a larger object and add a whole new experience to the anal stimulation you enjoy.