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Girls gone wild lingerie shoot

Dsc_0692_4 I had a few girlfriends over last week for a little wine, a little dress up and show each other our lingerie, along with a chance to pose quasi-naked in my backyard. Boudoire photos outside are all the rage, and it was a perfect night to feel the air blowing against almost naked skin. It digressed quickly as we went from stiff and self conscious to ass showing, breast baring, finger sucking poses. It wasn’t the heated debachary that men hope happens when women get naked and frolicking, but it was hot all the same. What it felt like- for everyone- was joyful, uninhibited, and downright fun. Girls being girls. Lipstick, lace, and helping each other with our hair. It was memorable, and for a couple of body image conscious participants- downright healing. I’m not posting any of the group shots – use your imagination, but these may give you a sense of it. A great suggestion for a birthday or anniversary gift because as cute as I am now, it is always a good idea to immortalize all that cuteness.

Women, lube, libido, and chocolate

I know I’ve written about the sexual wonders of chocolate before, but I think chocolate is as necessary as lubricant when having sex with women. I think all women need lube regularly – different times of the month, or stage of life will present a different type of wetness – no matter how turned on she is. FYI I am juiciest when I’m ovulating and the ten days following ovulation to my period. But women who are nursing, over 48, or simply bathing frequently may be a bit dry.  I’m reading the new book Orgasmic by Marrena Lindberg called The Orgasmic Diet. I should have written this book- it’s everything I’m recommending to my patients around libido, but she wrote it first.  Bully for her, and I’m not petty because she actually did a great job of it. She talks about taking massive doses of Omega 3 fish oil tablets to increase women’s libido. I suggest 10 a day, (she goes higher than that so that will have you burping fish pills all day), a supplement of cold primrose oil, magnesium and calcium, and my personal favourite 8 to 10 oz of very dark, chocolate. Yum. You can always tell I’m heading into PMS time when I start writing and craving chocolate. What dark chocolate does is increase dopamine levels, and help steady the levels of serotonin. Chocolate (and a little red wine) is the ultimate panty remover. Deliver it a half hour before sex, and her orgasmic receptors all start firing, and you can do no wrong. At least she is most likely to climax with the minimal amount of stimulation. If you’re a women who isn’t in the mood, or reaching orgasm as frequently, then a combination of herbal medicines – including regular chocolate will keep you in peak sexual form. Oh, and if you are following the above diet, you are less likely to need the lube. However, Oh My now makes a delicious chocolate flavoured lubricant. How sexy is that? A naked man, feeding you chocolate, covered in chocolate lube….hmmm

It’s all downhill from here

The common belief is that women hit their sexual peak about age 37.  Considered the power age for women, your body has learned all that it needs to know, and your hormones are happy bubbling away at top performance about then. After that it’s downhill in terms of basic the biology of desire, interest and abilities. Or so so leading endocrinologists say. Sigh.  As I rapidly approach 40, I’m going through the mid life panic that sets in when one hits major milestones. We may be like men, who peak at the age of 19 when their erections are the hardest, they recover the quickest, and can shoot the farthest. It doesn’t mean they know shit about women, but they are little rabbits in terms of desire, and abilities.Sue3

So what doesn it mean for women (like me )who are past the use before date?  It means we need to take better care of ourselves, and increase our sexual activity, (I don’t know if it’s possible, as I chase my partner around the house as it is), and work hard on improving the quality of our sexual responses. This is the time to start exploring tantric sex, dessicrated liver tablets, (keep your hormones balanced) and buying ourselves a hot new sex toy. My friend patti beleives that every woman should have a vibrator fairy that delivers you a new toy for your 40th birthday.  So as I get ready to celebrate my 40th, and look at the dawning of a New Year, my resolution will be to be the randiest, most sexually fulfilled middle aged woman around. You with me on that?