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We’ve grown so much that we have our own Duckling website! Find out more about us with this cool new layout here! It’s got the list of what’s coming up!
The Duckling manifesto
Click here to go to new Ducklings Website.
We are the Ducklings, a safe community of people who are sexy, sassy, flirty and fun. We have chapters in Ontario, Orlando and Central Florida and soon to be in a few other areas. And our travel group brings people together from all over North America.

Our members are awesome people who enjoy getting together to safely flirt, have fun, and expand our knowledge of all things sexy. We do not allow aggression or drama, and no mean people need apply as being kind is a basic value in our group.

While we’re not a dating group, a surprising number of love matches have met at our events. Nor are we a swinger’s group, though some of us are non-monogamous.
We’re a community of people who are not afraid to dip a toe into something new because we’re not alone. It’s way more fun, and far safer, as a community.

Duckling events are designed to be both sexy and fun. We have toured the private dungeon of the city’s best-known Dominatrix and visited a sex club after hours. We’ve taken salsa and polka lessons, learned how to throw an axe (dressed as Vikings to make it more fun), and held a pool party with volunteers providing pedicures and massages. And we love themed parties with costumes!

Our members are half couples (some married more than 30 years) and singles (gay, straight, or “its’ complicated”). We’re primarily over 25 but under 65, with most between 38 and 45. We are firmly in the middle between quiet and gentle, and crazy and wild.

We have grown to over 7,000 people on our e-mail list and are closing in on 4,000 members on “Meetups” alone. We pre-screen to make sure new members share our values. Mean, sexually aggressive, and unfriendly people need not apply.

Given that our events are safe, the best way to discover if you’ll fit in is to come to a general event. You’ll meet lots of people, and as Ducklings are so friendly, they’re happy to answer questions from newbies.
If you are nervous, arrive 30 minutes early. We’ll be there to welcome you, and will give you a task to help you fit in until you acclimatize. Ducklings love to help so you won’t be the only one.

Please join us for guided, pressure-free, sensuous outings. Referrals and friends are welcome, but they need to agree with our philosophy.
Being a Duckling enhances relationships, increases intimacy and builds community.

Wouldn’t you like to be a Duckling, too?
Look below to see how we evolved.

How we evolved

Over the last few years we have been teaching courses to couples and singles who want to spice up their sex lives we called “Loving Hedonist classes.” Our courses were an introduction to what is out there sexually. The workshops were to offer information on what is possibly out there for you to walk the walk in a way that was comfortable for you. We went on a number of field trips from burlesque shows to a visit to Easter Canada’s most famous dominatrix. Everyone loved them and kept saying “what’s next?” By going places and learning things together, and by sharing the experiences the events became fun instead of scary. We stared to gather (and quack a bit) and we were described a “ducklings”. The name stuck. We are a new cool and sexy social club in town. Somewhere between a service group like Rotary and indiscriminate swingers. Safe, integrity, fun, happy, smart, sexy and community are words that describe being a Duckling. Kindness matters and inclusion is important. That being said, we like to offer sane flirty and sexy outings. Given that going to established events are scary for the first time, we wanted to offer sangria and munchies hour to meet us, talk about our philosophy of sensual adventures and make sure everyone is on the same page. Please reach out to us and we can include you in the next gathering. We especially like to talk to or meet with single men to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is not an indiscriminate hook up group or a place to randomly explore your sexuality. It’s a community of friends. We want everyone to feel welcome, but safety in a fun and sexy environment rates our top mission statement. The Ducklings continue to find our way and having fun doing it.

Ducklings(1)Ducklings are cool! We think a community of like-minded friends for whom kindness matters is important. We think mean people suck. The hope is to have sassy, flirty dinner parties, fun outings with ribald and intelligent conversation. Imagine a group of safe, grown up fun with new friends having great food with lots of laughs. Ducklings are sexy, gracious, and are always up for adventures. Looks, race, size or status is immaterial. We only avoid mean or sexually aggressive people. Our first year of adventures included very funny comedy, sensual massage courses, 50 Shades of Grey the movie, burlesque, adult laser (with stick figure drawings of hilarious sexual positions), wine tours, Oral sex techniques and cheesecake, a brothel tour (what!) and a clothing optional picnic among so much more. There may be other things on your bucket list that we do in a safe, respectful, and high-road-kind-of-way.

People in Ottawa are busy. So when it’s organized for you (think idiot-proof) that’s a no-brainer. The other thing that we hear as therapists is the difficulty in making friends. We go from work to home. Work to the grocery store to home. Where do you make new friends? How do you find people that get it? Everyone really needs community. So if you are slightly sassy and more irreverent than the usual service club member than we want to meet you.


ducks555We’ve had some Ducklings that have found romance out of this group (and we are thrilled for them) hooking up is not our primary goal. Love, and intimacy if it happens is delightful. But its not primarily a dating group. We are just sexy people (whatever that looks like for you in terms of age, size, race, or orientation) who want to have fun -together without any pressure.
Check out the gallery on our new website at

Events Coming up! Find out what the Ducklings are up to and join in the fun! Get more information on our dedicated website or our meetup page

Find out more on our website at

Looking forward to meeting all the recent new members (and some more seasoned Ducklings). We always have fun, laugh and regularly average 40-60 people. Find out if we are your group! Feel the warm fuzzies!
Sue and Blaik

We want to build a community. The Ducklings at it’s core is a happy group of funny and sexy friends that hang out gently. Community is one of the measurables of great health. So having new friends makes you healthy! Think of us as loving hedonists, but in the nicest possible way. The mission is to have fun, eat yummy food, laugh so much we worry about peeing our pants, and go meet like-minded people. No pressure in any way and sexually aggressive people ARE NOT WELCOME. We want you to go home with a smile on your face. Our activities range from PG to slightly out of your comfort zone.

As of September 1, 2017 we will be operating the Ducklings on a paid membership basis. The 2017 annual fee is only $70 for a single membership or $130 for a couple. A membership is required to register for any limited ticket event. There are some events each year (plus the monthly “Meet and Greet”) not requiring a membership but member Ducklings will always have first chance to purchase tickets.

If you value being able to attend ready-made social events which cater to your own tastes and comfort level, we ask you to support the cause. If the work we do in creating these events isn’t worth our fee, we want to know that too.

We need to make it easy for you to join. Check out the website at or send a etransfer to

Over the past year, we have endeavoured to create a group to do fun date nights and activities. So far we have managed to:

· attend a dungeon and dinner tour with Mistress Shira the world-traveling dominatrix

· plan a movie (50 shades) with a dinner and discussion afterwards

· run a pizza and comedy evening (where we laughed our asses off)

· operate 23 boudoir full day sessions with potluck and clothing swap

· run spring and fall Ethical Hedonist courses (where new Ducklings are born)

· run a laser tag and make-your-own-sundae evening

· run 3 “greet the meat” events on the patio to discover what being a Duckling is all about

· attend a regular Tribe party, but as a large Duckling contingent

· run a picnic, pool and dance day

· hosted a Duckling group in Orlando at Cypress Cove

· run a wine tasting tour and Duckling mixer

· run a corn maze and bonfire cookout

· participate in a “High School” 70’s and 80’s dance

Plus 40 other activities! We run about 40 events a year and are Ottawa’s fastest growing new social club.

As you can imagine, this has taken a lot of time and a chunk of loot. We are also currently constructing a website that will allow Ducklings to look up and interact directly with other Ducklings, all while protecting email addresses from outsiders. The site will include a member’s only section.

We have all sorts of other great ideas for group activities but we are in a position where we need to recover some of our costs and be compensated for some of our time. As such, as of October 1, 2015 we will be operating the Ducklings on a paid membership basis.
If you value being able to attend ready-made social events which cater to your own tastes and comfort level, we ask you to support the cause. If the work we do in creating these events isn’t worth our fee, we want to know that too.

We are growing by 125 members a month. We will have to cap membership when it gets unwieldy. If you are seriously interested and don’t want to be on a wait list we suggest you join immediately. That means once we hit our membership quota you will be on the outside looking in.

In the end, it boils down to whether our philosophy for date nights and fun matches yours. If it does, we are thrilled to do the work for you to create events that get you out of the house and laughing with new like-minded friends. We are hoping that you agree and join in. Compared to other clubs, we are an incredible deal. As a group we are unique. And as a philosophy, we are truly the Ducklings. Find out what’s coming up now!

Sue and Blaik

Buy your Annual Membership and be registered until Oct 1st 2020!
Single member $70

Couple Member $130 Until Oct 1, 2020


Hello Ducklings,

We’ve been asked for dress codes, behaviours etc. of some of your events. For both content and conduct we have created a rating system that will allow you to know how sexual any event is going to be. From the rating, you can extrapolate dress code. We hope this reduces stress and gives a better understanding of what to expect. We have included examples with the descriptions:

1 Duck event – this is very vanilla (pg). It is used for informational meetings, new member social gatherings and fun movies. Health and other kinds of lectures.

2 Duck event – at this type of event, you can expect colourful language and flirting. It would be used for comedy, R rated movies and group meals or wine pairings.

3 Duck event – this type of event is intended to be fun and very flirty. Dances, meet and greets, burlesque shows. Clothing required pool parties . Clothes stay on but can be tastefully sexy. The occasional flirty touch could be invited.

4 Duck event – expect nudity of some kind. You may or may not choose to participate, but others will loose the laundry (even if its only topless). Nude pool parties, visits to nudist clubs or beaches fall into this category. Sexual touch of any nature is generally inappropriate. Strong flirtation could happen at the event.

4++ Duck event – This is more touchy, friendlier where there might be soft play in designated areas (no intercourse) and discretion is required. No body fluids…

5 Duck event – expect sexual contact around you. Lots of friendly and appropriate touch would be the norm. However people are quick to respond to”no means no”. While you are completely safe and being monitored, this is not a place for someone who does not want to see sexual acts or who is uncomfortable being approached. Commercial lifestyle clubs or private adult parties fall into this rating.

If you want to come to a 4 or 5 Duckling event then we need to meet or speak to you first. We have regular “ice breaker and let’s meet” events. Consider it a pre-coffee. We provide snacks and make everyone comfortable. It also allows you to meet people before you come out to a little sassier event.

The Ducklings are about sexy fun, laughing and above all – safety! We aim to make our events comfortable for everyone, particularly single women. As such, we created a policy that anyone could attend a 1 or 2 Duckling event as they are very PG. However, for more “sexy” adventures, we want to meet single men first and explain our mission before granting them access to the events. We don’t tolerate aggressive behavior and sometimes our group is not a good fit for someone. In order to accomplish our goal of introducing ourselves, we hold meet and greets regularly. This is a chance for all new Ducklings to come out and mingle. If a single male is not available to attend a meet and greet, he can always track us down at a 1 or 2 Duckling event. Either way, for 3,4 or 5 Duckling events single men have to meet us first. No exceptions as making our club members feel secure is an absolute.



Check out the duckling events page and the meetup page to see all the pictures, and events over the last four years! We can’t keep up with the 3-4 events a month in a number of different cities. Read more on our dedicated sites!


July 2017 included a 70’s 80’s dance and a Hawaiian Luau party. It was a good month to be a duck.

June 2017 Included what we are calling “Not your parent’s church picnic” (the hot dog eating contest was something to see), pool party and boudoir shoot. June rocked!

May 2017 – Sens Playoff party!
And a Naughty car rally that us directing traffic on Bank Street. The city will never be the same.

April 2017
School of Sex – Anal and all things bottom
April 13th, The Duckling Easter dance
April 27, 2017 – The Duckling Meet and Greet at Absolute Comedy

February 2017
Duckling Valentine’s dance!
Discover your inner Dominatrix and sexy clothing swap!

January 14 2017
Le NUDE-ik Spa, swim, sauna, steam room, hot tub, games and massage event

December, 2016
The Duckling Xmas carnival, kissing booth and date night auction! We raised over $1500 for charity with our baskets!

Nov 26, 2016 · 7:30 PM
Latin and Lederhosen night! It’s an Polka/Salsa night with a trip to the brothel

Nov 13, 2016 · 2:00 PM
School of Sex. Fantasies, erotic talk and sexting & communicating what you want

Nov 6, 2016 · 9:15 AM
Let’s have a breakfast Meet and Greet & photo presentation of very sexy pictures

Oct 22, 2016 · 8:00 PM
The amazing, not-to-be-missed Duckling Halloween party! Saturday, Oct. 22nd It was epic!

Oct 16, 2016 · 2:00 PM
Let’s go visit the local Dominatrix, tour her dungeon & learn what’s new in BDSM

Sep 24, 2016 · 7:00 PM
The Tarts and Vickers pool party! Dress up as Clergy or Trollops to dance & swim

Sunday, September 18, 2016
School of Sex – Non-monogamy the definitions, types and all the variations.

Saturday, August 13, 2016 Do a wine, honey and chocolate tasting! And then slip & slip to de-stick! 2-10 pm blue gypsy wines

June/July 2016 – Pool party at the Tribe!

Viking axe throwing and pie eating contest at Bad Axe Throwing! What a blast.

The Luau in Richmond with tiki head making, dancing and an indoor pool! July 17, 2016

Clothing optional pool party and neon dance on July 9th!

May 29, 2016-School of Sex. Flirting, Seduction, The Art of the Tease and talking to the opposite sex.

May 18th the Ducklings were locked up at the Escape Manor! What fun.

School of Sex, Sunday April 24th! Hand jobs, G spots and sangria -Everything you needed to know about squirting, and using manual dexterity. And we even had a lube bar!

March 5th, 2016. Duckling Pagan party! St. Patrick’s Day/Celtic party with body painting, Irish food, and a great Celtic dance!

Duckling School of Sex BDSM style!
We’ve had a tremendous response for the Duckling School of Sex courses. Feb 28, 2016 from 2:30 to 6:00
Find come and find out about Mr. Gray’s red room and all the implements. We are having stations with local experts explaining flogging, vacu-beds, electrical play, sounding, rope tying and the like. Not your parent’s sex ed class.

February 6, 2016. Naked, erotic Paint night and mixer! Sketching nude models while drinking! Sounds like Duckling-style art!

Jan 23rd, 2016. The James Bond Party! Bond girls (in slinky dresses), men in tuxes, and some great Bond bad guys. We danced, we played casino games, drank Bond martini’s and auctioned off some interesting prizes.

Jan. 16th, 2016 – We did a group outing (there was 80 of us) who went to the Obsession Night Club. Fun and revelry was had by all!

Dec 6, 2015 – Duckling focus group where we asked a group of representative Ducklings how they want the next year to go!

Nov 29th – An amazing boudoir at Kim’s house! Next boudoir is Sunday, April 3rd.

Sunday, November 22nd, 2015
Cheesecake, and oral sex! The Duckling School of Sex!
Cutting edge oral sex instruction will be offered as part of a fun, laughter-filled afternoon with cheesecake, a zazzy punch, and some crazy Ducklings! It will be hilarious and super educational. This is not your parents sex ed class.

Nov 7th. Beer, Bowling and Brothel! Really. We toured Ottawa’s only brothel, played a few games of bowling and had a sexy and crazy scavenger hunt! And everyone was in 50’s chiffon “pink lady scarfs” or greaser arm bands!

October 24th, 2015 The First Annual Duckling Halloween party! What a blast! Check out the pictures

October 16th, 2015 – The Comic Strippers at Centrepointe. 20 of us went to see the hilarious Canadian phenomenon that was the Comic Strippers! Belly laughs and a great time was had by all!.

October 3rd, 2015 – Octoberfest in lederhosen at the Central Bier Haus!
What a riot. Check us decked out in our German themed clothes.

September 19th 70’s dance at the Kent Street Legion to raise money for the Ottawa school’s breakfast program! What a riot of costumes and we raised $3800!!!!

Sunday, Sept 13th Boudoir! What a great day! Best boudoir filled with some very cool Ducklings. Pictures we’ve seen so far are incredible. Given the overflow we have another booked in November in time for sexy Christmas presents!

Saturday, August 29th. Cops and Robbers Day at the Tribe!
We are going as a group and we will have our own Duckling safety zone. Think of this as the pool party you always wished you were invited to. We had a ball!

August 15 2015
The McMaze hoedown! It was one of those perfect Canadian evenings that happen a couple of times a year. Clear skies (with lots of shooting stars, few bugs, 25 degrees, campfire, guitar (Thanks Kevin!), marshmallows, Baileys and great company. We had a huge corn roast, picnic, horse rides, skinny dipping, and a chance to feed the horses, pigs, ducks, puppies, llamas etc. 5 star Hoedown! Be very sad those of you who missed it.

July 12, 2015
We did a vineyard tour and tasting in Navan, Ontario! Told crazy stories, had “bondage duckling cupcakes” and laughed like crazy fools! What a fun night!

Fantastic private Duckling pool party at The Tribe- Ottawa’s most exclusive lifestyle club while it was closed! We got to see what the club was like but had a safe day with just the Ducklings!

Our Greet the meet this month had over 60 people! We are moving to a bigger venue!

June 20 2015
We had the most amazing day at Easthaven Naturist Resort! Perfect weather, 30 of us floating in the salt water pool hot tub and drinking cosmo’s poolside! We had a sit down picnic and a burlesque themed dance in the evening! Absolutely amazing time had by all!

June 16 2015
Patio party at the Barley Moe for 35 people. Sangria, sexy fortunes, and laugh-out-loud fun.

May 2015
Dinner and then clubbing at Obsession! There was 40 of us in all and the evening was FABULOUS! The “which sex toy are you” ice breaker was hilarious, and we made lots of new friends. Obsession is the lifestyle club above the Adult Fun Superstore. Check out Obsession lounge on Facebook for more details. It’s $20 to be a member and $40 a couple for the night. We will have a roped off section just for us. Single guys need to write us to see if we can include you. Those are Obsession rules not ours. If you ever wanted to see what goes on in one of these clubs it’s a good night to come out. We will be wearing our dancing shoes!

Burlesque class with Rhapsody Blue!
It was an evening with the smoking hot, unbelievably marvelous national burlesque performer and teacher Rhapsody Blue!

April 2015
Group Lasertag on Funhaven on Baxter Road and the Queensway (besides Ikea).
We shot each other, made stick figure drawings of sexual positions, all-you-can-eat ice cream sundaes, and bumper cars!

March 2015
Boudoir and spring-is-in-the-air potluck. Fabulous shots, an inordinate amount of chocolate, and mimosa all day. We even had a watermelon shark! Don’t mix the next one in August. Nothing makes you feel sexier (or is more erotic as a couple) than fantastic pictures! My funeral shots are going to be boudoir over the years! And they can roast us when Blaik and I are 80 and still chasing each other around the house with our sexy shots from a misspent middle age!

February 2015 – A group of 9 Ducklings met for fun, sun, and banana daiquiris at the clothing optional resort outside of Orlando. Expect a big group of Ducklings to take over Hedo the last week in February next year. Save your pennies and holidays!

February 15 2015
50 Shades of Grey the movie- Grab your panty liners and come join us in the dark for a little domination and submission. On the big screen that is. We had a debrief over FREE nachos and fabulous sangria afterwards

January 2015
Comedy and Square pizza on Preston Street! Laugh-out-loud Fun!

November 2014 Boudoir and Halloween Meet and Greet

October 2014 Mistress Shira dungeon tour and talk

September 2014 Tribe pool party

So if you want to be a Duckling send us an email now at

A little business to get out of the way.

** Liability: All activities involve some risk. This can make them more fun. The Ducklings are considered a social networking club and cannot assume financial liability for mishaps, without charging a steep membership fee that would cover insurance for your benefit. By your participation, you accept your own personal risk and can attest that you have the skills and physical capabilities to safely enjoy the activities you RSVP for. If you are unsure of your physical or mental capabilities, we recommend you seek advice from your doctor or other professional beforehand. We will work hard to make you as safe as possible. Please be gentle with yourself and everyone else. It is the responsibility of those who invite guests to our events to inform them of this condition.