Five reasons why relationships can actually be improved by infidelity

Infidelity (followed by drifting apart, emotional abuse and household/money conflicts) tops the reasons why we have a 52% divorce rate in Canada. I see many of the couples in the aftermath of an affair in my office. What’s interesting for many of them the act of catching your partner cheating may actually improve their marriages. Really.
It brings the problems into the forefront and forces people to look at what’s not working in their relationship. It causes couples to re-commit to staying together. It allows real honesty and forgiveness. It kicks starts sex lives. and And finally, it causes a little healthy competition that has your partner in demand by other people that makes you look at them in a whole new light.

In my opinion, many of the unfaithful partners fall into one of three categories.
1. They have an affair of convenience. Think late nights over a boardroom table, the guy next door, or someone you see regularly.
2. They are sex hounds and are attracted to newness (men) and positive attention (women).
3. There emotional needs aren’t being met in the relationship. And despite discussing them over and over, the other partner stays in denial. These ones are the most dangerous as your partner keeps looking for a soft place to land.

Do any of these sound like you? Write me at if you suspect or have found your partner being unfaithful. We can save relationships.