How to Get More Sex- Everything you need to know to have new sex while keeping your marriage magic

Sex therapists are in the know. Whom else do you speak to when you want to find out about “what goes on at the adult/swing clubs?” Where can I find a mistress? How do I increase my partners libido?

We call it being an Ethical Hedonist. This is the place where you find out how to have better, hotter sex than your neighbors. The most common question I get asked by women over 30 is “How do I keep my relationship hot after 15 plus years of marriage?” Everyone wants a great sex life, but few have the skills to keep it sizzling after many years. You can always find a new partner, but you lose a great deal if your marriage ends. After decades of research, we’ve come up with the 25 things you can do to keep your marriage connected. And the ways to add more spice and introduce more taboo subjects (like threesomes and nude beaches) in an elegant way. We know the secret of couples successfully having it all sexually.

What is an Ethical Hedonist?

There are so many types of Ethical Hedonists, that the challenge in finding a definition of the discreet and the open minded seems difficult. It’s to pin it down to just one way of thinking. These are people who are curious about exploring the limits of their sexuality – but in the nicest possible way. They aren’t afraid to ask for what they want, but respect themselves and their partners. As a radio host I made it clear that I believe that sex happens with consenting adults, it happens between equals, and it happens safely. That means, both emotional safety (respect for the other person and yourself), and physical safety. They have respect for other people’s privacy and confidentiality. They don’t throw stones. They aren’t body beautiful (although some are head turning), but can be in any size, shape, age, color, or profession. As a rule, they tend to be better educated, and make more money, but it is the open minded respect that denotes them as an Ethical Hedonist. Many are in rock- solid relationships that make up many forms, but many are happily single.

The Ethical Hedonist are the people who are secretly wearing sparkly, pink thongs under their business suits. They have a drawer full of sexual costumes, and aren’t afraid to get their privates waxed (or even duct taped). And that’s just the men. It is the retired couple I know who has the word n8tust* (pronounced naturist which is the more formal title of being primarily a nature-loving, social nudist) as their license plate, and who wanted their ashes spread out across Orient Beach on St Martin (the largest nude beach in the world), so beautiful, naked women will sit on his face for all eternity. An Ethical Hedonist is the newlywed couple who went to Desire on their honeymoon, and had the image from the door of their showers, permanently tattooed onto their shoulders for only knowing eyes. They are the Grade 2 Catholic 48 year old teacher with five kids who went from wearing cover ups from head to toe, to dancing naked on the bar by mid week, and who had hot, howling sex with her husband of 25 years behind a silk sheet beside the hot tub on day eight of her vacation.

They are couples who went from “NEVER ON PAIN OF DEATH WOULD I DO THAT” to pointing out hot women for their husband to dance with. It’s using elegance to find mistresses (and hopefully have buy in), but how to manage the process if you don’t. It’s losing the guilt and having an astounding marriage.



Chapter 1. The trends and definitions.

What is swinging, what is nudity? The outline of the continuum of the new sexual paradigm. Everything from monogamy for indiscriminate swinging, and all that playing in between. Finding out how the new sexual revolution happened, (although it’s still evolving), and finding your spot on the love train.

Chapter 2. Where do you fit in? The sexual identity quiz

Chapter 3 The rules of being naughty- How to negotiate and discuss sexual play openly with your partner. Your personal rules, your mission statement for living your life as an Ethical Hedonist.

Chapter 4. The Ethical Hedonist – The Lifestyle, those adult clubs, and clothing optional resorts.

Chapter 5. The spectrum and mindset of becoming an Ethical Hedonist. What’s new, and what’s common.

Chapter 6. The unwritten rules of engagement. The etiquette of being an Ethical Hedonist. What every new Nudist, Temptationer, or Lifestyler wishes someone had told them upfront. How to negotiate and discuss your sexual play openly with your partner. Your personal rules, your mission statement for living your life as an Ethical Hedonist.

Chapter 7. “Why am I itchy?” A paranoid player’s guide to sexual health.

Chapter 8. Where do I go? How to get started, and more importantly, “what do I wear?”. The happening places, and why you want to be there.

Challenge 9. The brave new world. Go forth and be silly, sexy, outrageous, quietly sensuous, or out and out adventurous. Tying it up, and concluding your new secret (or not so secret) identity as an Ethical Hedonist.

Get the full details about how to introduce new sexual exploration into your relationship while maintaining your marriage and your integrity.

Leading sex therapy couple explains how to live you sexual bucket list! For less than the cost of a movie ($49.99) find out what’s out there to try as a couple and have the best sex ever!