How to make your own inexpensive, try-this-at-home sex toy kit that will leave your partner gasping

I think everyone should have a tickle trunk of interesting sensation play sex things that’s locked up away from the kids. Now since most of the world is on a budget, and because I love toys that are versatile and do lots of things I thought I would make up a fun kit suggestion list. So when I googled any variation on “make your own sex kit” I only got hits like:

Clone your willy – how to make a cast of your penis. I also found loads of online sex toy companies trying to sell you a huge amount of stuff that hasn’t stood up to real life play. Now making a cast of your penis and your own home-made sex toy is cool (and is something I would do before any guy has prostate surgery) but it wasn’t the tone I was going for to create my kit list. I also think you don’t need to have lots of expensive toys in it. Yes, I think the Hitachi Magic Wand at $80 rocks, and I love my $200 Intensity shocker vibrator, but many of the best toys available can be found at Canadian Tire or other hardware stores. Blaik, my love, has a particular fondness for pillow cases. Put your arms behind your back, slide a pillow case over both arms and lie back. He then challenges you to get your arms out. Great restraint you can get out of by rolling over (if your partner lets you) and you already have access to one on the bed.

So before hitting the sex shop, how about trying the office supply store, hardware and grocery stores? Yes, I put things from the sex shop on the list, but I would start with some inexpensive sensation play toys.
Here’s my list:

My sweetie found 200 feet of rope for $15 at Rona Hardware store recently. He measured it all out and cut it in chunks of 10, 15, 25, and 40 foot sections. He put electrical tape on the ends and I found him a lingerie bag to hold it all and to wash it in. Take a rope class, or watch a few youtube videos about rope bondage and with minimal practice and you’ll soon be a restraint expert. Invest in a sharp pair of scissors ($7) to add to the kit for rope malfunctions and safety.

You can use a scarf, a serviceable sleeping mask or one of the cheap blindfolds you are given on long flights from the airlines. Maybe invest in a brilliant leather one…. blindfolds are the bomb. Covering your partner’s eyes so that they won’t see what’s coming up next can be a monstrous turn on. Most sex shops have them in a reasonable price range from $10 to $40.

Massage bar or soap crayon:
I like these solid massage bars that turn into a liquid when they get warm from body heat. In different flavours and scents, they look like bars of soap you gently run over your partner’s body. They leave a lotion behind that you can use to complete the massage. They are especially great before you take a bath together. And speaking of baths, the soap crayon that they sell for kids (I have seen them at Tiggy’s and other great kids stores) can be used in the bathtub to write on your partners skin and leave sexy messages while getting them clean are fabulous! Some come with bubble bath so the bath can digress into something more romantic. Great colours are available, and the darker colours will really help you leave love messages.

Washable markers:
Unlike some of the groups that uses permanent markers to write out the naughty words you see across people’s bodies on the kink sites, a set of washable markers in multiple colours to write love notes on your partner’s body may be just the thing before the aforementioned bubble bath.

Duct Tape:
Duct tape isn’t all grey anymore. Duct tape can be used to restrain legs and arms, to bind a lover to furniture, or as a gag. Of course it provides an added sadomasochistic thrill when it is pulled free (with attached body hair!). Oh, and let’s not forget the Duct Tape Corset again which you can see on youtube. About $5-$8 depending on size of roll.

Feather duster:
I have a couple of simple feather toys that I really, really like. Coupled with a blindfold, this is the ultimate in inexpensive sensation play toys. You can use a simple feather bought for under a dollar from the craft store or an immaculate ostrich feather. Imagine your partner lying across the bed in candlelight with bedroom eyes. Now imagine running a feather across their skin. “Nuff said.

Ruler or Wooden Spoon:
Now I have a good collection of wooden spoons in my kitchen. And anyone in our family knew that was the one thing my Mom used to threaten us with (even now as adults) when we were being rotten. I also have a few favourites that are strictly used with my toy kit. Smile. As well, rulers from Staples are interesting if you are a little kinky. With imagination, they have selection of paddles to put most sex shops to shame. A ruler like a wooden spoon is a classic impact toy, with all kinds of wild associations. You and your play partner will probably adore this even before you add in teacher/student role-play or Catholic schoolgirl outfits.

Tenga Egg:
You either love these or they leave you completely indifferent. Tenga’s are little silicone hand job sleeves that come packaged up as cute eggs. The interiors feature bumps and grooves designed with pleasure in mind. With a little lube you run them up and down the penis and watch his eyes roll back in his head. They can be washed, or thrown out afterwards. I find that one lasts about 10 times if you are careful. And each variety (indicated by name and colour) offers different terrain inside. I also suggest them for guys with premature ejaculation issues. They are about $10 and are available at most sex stores.

This $15 toy is the ultimate in versatility. It requires a few small batteries but it really moves. You can use it around nipples, the clit, the head of the penis, the back of the testicles, and anywhere except anally. They are small and may get lost in there.

Other items that you can find around the house that are great and inexpensive to add some heat to your regular coupling are:
Chocolate sauce (I like maple syrup), clothes pins, latex gloves, almond oil, baby or olive oil, pet store leashes and collars, and shower curtains or drop clothes (for protecting the bed).

The goal here is to try things that are out-of-the-norm and work at keeping the sex spicy. Making efforts to keep the sex new and interesting pays huge dividends in all aspects of your relationship.