Jumping your guy for no reason tops the list of men’s daily sexual desires.

Men like spontaneous sex.

Maybe you knew that. Maybe you simply just suspected it.  But in a discussion this week with a number of smart men I asked them what they would really, really like sexually. They all ranked sexual surprises and spontaneous sex first on a list of possible choices. I’m going to transcribe my survey and post it here and you can take the quiz about what you like sexually.

Spring sex out of the blue. Plan a hot night, or just reach over and stimulate him under the table. Initiation, slight sexual aggression, and spontaneous sex blow guys away. It’s a huge ego boost for them and they feel like you can’t keep your hands off them. They feel hot and rank that kind of sex as the most memorable when I ask them “to tell me about the best sex they have ever had.”  For men, touch reinforces your relationship.  Cosmo gives this advice:

“For a spontaneous seduction, ask him to pull over to a deserted spot for a roadside romp when you’re driving home one night. Or at a party, take him into a back bedroom or closet.”

More with the quiz, but in the meantime “what are you waiting for?”  Spontaneous sex brings you closer, helps kick start some hormones and simply blows his little mind.