Listen and watch instead of read! Sex with Sue Minutes! Fast, and the answers you are looking for!



I think people are busy. You are busy, I’m busy, and all I can find time to do (besides Grey’s Anatomy and my addiction to my Kindle) is to get information in bite sized pieces. I think quick answers that are easy to understand and don’t fill up your ears with long-winded explanations are the best.

I’ve been doing the Sex with Sue radio show for over 18 years. I’ve spoken to 10,000 people and have been asked some great questions. If I didn’t have the answer on the tip of my tongue, I looked it up. And I cut to the chase and gave you a solution that might work to solve your curiosity or the challenge you may be having in your sex and relationship lives.

To that I offer up the audio Sex with Sue Three minute Therapist audio questions. Free, life changing (okay that maybe pushing it…yes it’s really pushing it) but fun, quick and solution oriented.

Give them a listen, and let me know what you think. Send me an email ( and let me know if you have a question. I’ll do an audio about it and add it to the list.

Come on…it’s going to be fun. Have a listen to my bubbly, radio voice and let me answer your questions.


sex with sue minute track1
sex with sue minutes02 – Track 2
sex with sue minute03 – Track 3
Sex with Sue Minute 04 – Track 4
Sex with Sue Minute 05 – Track 5
Sex with Sue Minute 06 – Track 6
Sex with Sue Minute 07 – Track 7
Sex with Sue Minute 08 – Track 8
Sex with Sue Minute 09 – Track 9
Sex with Sue Minute 10 – Track 10

PS!!! I you want to hear my slightly irreverent demo here they are. My Mom always said I had a great face for radio!

This is the link to years worth of the old Sex with Sue show on 106.9 The Bear from 1991-97. Wow that seems like forever ago.. Callers, streeters and guests. The good old days.
Listen to show 1
Show 2
Show 3
Show 4
Part 1
Love is on the air demo’s

Sue McGarvie Demo

Oh, you also might like this one…

edited love and lipstick demo

And here are a bunch of the You Tube clips over the years. Yes I change sizes. I try not to sweat that too much but do a great workshop on women nad body image as I walk the walk….







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Sexual Solutions:
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Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
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