More Twinkles in Wrinkles. Sex and Seniors

Whatever else aging does, it does not kill the sex drive.

As part of my recent series of speeches to Senior’s community centers, residences, and senior’s professionals I’m pulling out some of the new research into how many ORF’s (old, retired, folks) are now getting it on. It’s way more than you think. If you’re a Baby Boomer (or know one) it’s time to get the full monty on sex and seniors. Come and here all about it at the “Over the Hill and Under the Sheets” on Sex and Seniors talk this April. It’s at the beautiful Promenade Alaveda Lifestyles Residence in Orleans at 10th line on April 24th , 2013 from 2 to 4 pm. The Promenade is one of those retirement building that serves martini’s and organizes daily seniors adventures. And they talk about sex. I seems like an elegant spring break for older adults. I want to retire there. It’s free, there is food and I’ll have love oil. Smile. If you want to come, send a note to Liette at Hope to see you there.

“The switch doesn’t flip off” as you age in regards to your sexuality. It’s not just one person over 60 that is having sex. It’s most of the people you know over 60. Helen Mirron, Jack Nicholson, and Merele Streep are all in their 60’s. Does anyone really think they aren’t having sex?

And if the world at large thinks seniors can’t keep up sexually then they couldn’t be more wrong.

“One of the most noteworthy features of reports of sexual problems is their relative similarity across all age groups,” Says Dr.Waite a John Hopkins researcher. “If [women] continue to be sexually active they appear not to be much more likely to have problems with sexual function at older than at younger ages … sexually active older men seem to function at much the same level as sexually active younger men, with a few exceptions, not all of which favor younger men.”

It turns out the fastest rate of STI’s are in people over 50. They aren’t getting it from the toilet bowl. That doesn’t mean it’s epidemic.

Here’s why I think seniors are sexier.

People over 50 are also the largest group of new buyers of vibrators. And technology is your friend. I have some coupons if you want to get together for a girls night out and get yourself a BOB- a battery operated boyfriend. Tuesday’s the Romance store will give you 10% off anything in the store if you use my name when buying from them.

Men 70 and up are 20 times more likely to have sexual fantasies that women in the same age group. And men and women’s fantasies are different. No big surprise there.

The brand new study in this month’s issue of Internal medicine says that older adults who drink coffee have an increase in desire and a relaxation of the smooth muscles which leads to decreased impotence and increased sexual activity. Or maybe they are having more sex because they just can’t sleep.

Sex is a basic need. Once your tummy’s are full, your thoughts turn to sex. The benefits and impact of sexual activity. second most powerful drive after food,

Seniors are the generation that equalized the sexes. They are those wondrous baby boomers. The loud, the proud, the many. Baby Boomers introduced the sexual revolution in the 50’s with the advent of penicillin, and continued it in the 60’s with free love and the pill. Now that they are 60’s and the revolution lives on. Senors are sexy. They are now the group in leather clad motorcycle commercials to Cialis singing septuagenarians in the shower with “oh what a beautiful morning”.

According to the National Council on Aging study, Sex is becoming more and more a normal part of senior life. The combination of people living longer and breakthroughs in treatments for impotency have contributed to seniors enjoying sex and intimacy later in life. I think we’re in the midst of a social evolution as more and more people come out and say, ‘I’m not the only person over 60 who’s having sex. So is my next-door neighbor.

I speak about beyond the birds and bees, popular topic of bio-identical hormones, and I do a presentation about how even superwomen get stretchmarks. My Putting a twinkle in your wrinkle talk is by far the most popular topic, in a world that wants to know what’s new and cutting edge in the world of human sexuality. The truth is that seniors are having sex. And while Society tends to mock the very idea that people over 60 even think about sex, much less have it Sex among people who have started cashing in their rrsp’s is the hottest topic around. I told my teenage kids I was speaking on old people having sex. When I tell people it’s likely that many seniors are still sexually active there is this collective groan. So with all of that, why is there still this slight taboo about seniors having hat, racy sex? It seems that we love to see Grandma and Grandpa running marathons, volunteering and taking tap class. But imagining them doing the mattress mambo is another story. God Forbid people over 70 have sex or even hold hands! I don’t know about you but I am tired of old age being depicted as a problem, a tomb bomb, a menace or a scourge. I’m sick of it being couched in terms of dependency. Growing older can be often be sexy.