My new husband wants prostate stimulation

Hi Sue,

My new husband absolutely loves it when I touch him underneath his testicals. He’s now asking for more and more in that spot. He also wants me to stimulate him anally and touch his prostate. I’ve never done this and I’m a little freaked out by the prospect. Is this normal? Could I hurt him? Where do I start?

A little squeamish

Dear Squeamish,

That’s a great question. Men have even more nerve endings in their rectal area than women. The prostate is the male G Spot and can be the source of intense sexual feelings. Most men find stimulation on the perineum (sometimes called the t’aint) which is the area between the back of the testicals and the anus. Pressure on the outside can really be intense and gentle internal touch can absolutely blow his mind. It doesn’t mean that he’s gay, it very normal to want a trusted partner to help you reach those sensations. Here are the rules about prostate stimulation which I’ve gotten from Pauline- the expert who is responsible for 10,000 prostate orgasms. The whole audio/video package is at my site at Anyway, Pauline says:

Keep your nails short and buy a box of rubber gloves.
Use canola oil (the kind from the grocery store as it has the best consistency).
Give him an all over massage first and relax him.
Start playing with his testicals and massaging the perineum.
Put your gloved fingers inside feeling for what feels like a walnut closer to his belly button.
Touch there and use your other hand to stroke his erection.
Continue while watching him, and get ready for his intense orgasm.

If he wants to go further check out the bend over boyfriend package on my site.