Only 3 more weeks. Here are my 2013 best Valentine’s gift ideas.

valentinesValentine’s Day is only second to Halloween (and oh how I love Halloween) as my favourite holiday. Maybe its the SpongeBob in me. The geeky, nerdy, sappy longing to tell my sweetie that I would do it all over again. Although it can be a tad overly commercial Valentine’s Day should be a sure thing in terms of romance and sex. So what should give this Valentine’s Day? It turns out that that the latest stats says that the most popular gifts this Valentine’s Day aren’t what you think.

According to internal Ebay sales data from its 2012 Valentine’s Day promotion shows the most popular gifts for loved ones are actually:

1. Clothing and accessories (30% of all sales)

2. Travel gifts or experiences (15% of all sales)

3. Consumer electronics (8% of all sales) followed equally by health and beauty products (this means something battery operated to my way of thinking).

So what does that mean for wayward lovers? I tried to keep this list in mind when coming up with my top items for 2013.

~Chocolate fountains. Nothing says cool electronics and amazing chocolate than one of those cascading fountains. I found mine on kijiji cheap but in Ottawa we even have a chocolate fountain store at

~Je Joue MiMi Rechargable egg-shaped Vibe.One of the most powerful clitoral vibrators on the market the MiMi is in a league of its own. Waterproof, powerful, rechargeable and beautifully packaged, this smooth and ergonomic vibe is ideal for her solo use and also incredibly easy to use together.

~Smitten Mitten. A Valentine’s favourite this personal item has been updated this year. A warm, fussy mitten that allows you to hold hands (and stay warm) all at once. A little schmaltzy but its cheap and you’ll get loads of brownie points.

~American Eagle underwear. Although I usually prefer to go commando, the AE underwear may simply be the most comfortable pair of skivvies I’ve ever tried. The fit, they hug the right places, they are sexy AND comfortable. Available for both genders, I loved their pink stripped ones. $16.95 a pair but they won’t have you uncomfotably fixing yourself during business meetings.

~A jar of unpasteurized honey. I just finished the book The Blue Zones about the populations in the world that live the longest. One of the consistent secret was a daily spoonful of local honey. I buy mine from Diane at sweet bee in Beckwith Township. It is also one of the ingredients in my Libido Diet. Just saying…

~A weekend get away. I found a flight recently for $85 each way on Westjet on a Thursday to Sunday night(INCLUDING TAXES!!!!) to Orlando. I love Orlando, home of the discount hotels. You can have a cheap but special long weekend, for $150 a weekend including breakfast. I book through, and I am always watching the fairs on Westjet. Believe it or not, it’s less money than money than a road trip to Toronto. Give it some thought. Holiday sex is always the best, and any relationship can use a few day get away.