Premature Ejaculation- 5 NEW things that you may not know that will help you last longer

Premature Ejaculation (PE or those blasted one minute guys) is a very real phenomenon. It is only second to women with low libido as the most common problem I see as a sex therapist. I have written a number of articles over the years about how to last longer (a quick search on this site or a click to order the download will get you up to date) but there seems to be some new information about how to deal with you quick trigger.

1. The Stud 100 spray continues to be popular. Many men paid the $15 and found it doesn’t work. “The trick”, my friend George the sex toy seller says, “is to not use too much. Forget putting any on the head too. Spray a little on the top of the shaft, and a little on the bottom of the shaft, wait 10 minutes and then you’re in business.”

2. Levitra or Cialis may prevent you from ejaculating at all. So does a little codeine (say one Tylenol 1 before sex). Anti-depressants also can stop ejaculation but it can also negatively affect libido and erections.

3. Pressure from a vibrating cock ring. I keep hearing that the We-Vibe is so stimulating when used during intercourse that it speeds up ejaculation. So don’t use that. But a vibrating cock ring against the pressure point at the base of the penis will help prevent ejaculation. Give it a shot and see if it works for you.

4. Ejaculoid – The new semen enhance that can actually increase volume and length of ejaculation. The increased volume actually helps your partner feel the the semen as it travels and squeeze off the tube and encourage the semen to back up. I can explain it if you are looking for more information. send me an email at

5. Jelking or the process of using both hands in opposite directions along the shaft of the penis can help if you have a willing partner and clear instruction. I have a BOB in my office that I used as a demo. It still amazes me how little most people understand about their genitals. You can be trained to last longer. It’s especially easier if you have a regular partner that will participate in a few therapy session where i explain it all. And then the fun begins at home. 🙂 And your insurance company covers such instructions. Give me a call and I’ll make sure that you can walk tall the next time you want to go for a marathon love making session.