Sex and Weight Loss – The Sex Diet – How I lost 160 pounds, saw my toes and re-claimed my libido. All while balancing my hormones and trying to find time to do the laundry.

The Libido Diet is the story of how I researched, experimented cajoled, and used myself (and my patients) as guinea pigs to come up with an approach to sexual dysfunction that actually seems to work. I lived this research first hand, and as I changed my hormones I dropped 175 pounds (eek!), which had me chasing my partner around the house christening all the flat surfaces.

The Libido Diet is my story, and the story of women struggling to get back in the saddle and moaning in ecstasy.

The audience for The Libido Diet is primarily for women over 25, right up to menopause in their late 50’s. However the bulk of the women I’m seeing as patients are between 25 and 40 with loving partners. As I sat telling a girlfriend about my approach in treating female sexual dysfunction while sitting at a Starbucks a few weeks ago I had five women around me put down their mugs, strain to overhear, and all ask for my card. Forget eavesdropping on my more outrageous sexual stories on a radio call in sex therapist, these women all wanted to know “how in God’s name can I give myself back the lustful feeling I used to have?” I’m finding it’s a question women everywhere are asking. The Libido Diet answers those questions and comes up with a clear solution like no other book that has come out. It’s finding that horny girl inside you that you used to be. I bet you miss her. And I know your partner misses her too.

As the Libido Coach (and there is no other brand out there like it), I am uniquely qualified to answer the questions about sexual desire. With an established identity and audience (as an International Sex Expert, Syndicated Talk Show How, and television host of a national magazine style sex show), as well as having completed a personal journey related to body image and sexuality enhancement I have literally spoken to 5,000 people about their sex lives. With a acknowledge expertise in women’s sexuality, and fifteen years as one of the leading sex therapists, The Libido Diet tells the truth about my own intimacy transformation, along with the celebrations of the women I coached along with me. It’s the details of how you can kick start your sex drive, done in both a book and engaging audio session. Just hit play on your ipod or cd player, and know you are on your way to having the kind of hot sex you need, want and deserve.

I have all the latest information on bio-identical hormones, (and we are all crazy when we are hormonal), and the latest medical and health information about balancing those out-of-whack hormones. I’ve made it my life’s work to help women “get back that loving feeling”, and I do a Start Me Up program that I GUARANTEE. Hang in there, call me, email me, download this and help is on the way.
Sex and Weight Loss – The Sex Diet

I learned to put my own biochemistry to work. I showed my patients how to maximize their libido with supplements. I gently discovered how to understand my own sexuality, and teach that to my women libido patients.