Sex Questionaire. How much do you know? Take the Quiz

Questions for the battle of the sexes

Male Questions:

1. Which of the is the most common method of birth control in Canada
A) the pill

B) the condom

C) sterilization otherwise known as the snip

2. What is the #1 most common female sexual problem

A) Low sex drive, or “not this month honey I’ve got a headache

B) Difficulty reaching orgasm or “are you done yet?”

C) Sexual pain or get that thing away from me!

3. According the Durex Sex Survey a majority of Canadian women prefered making love in
A) The shower
B) The bed
C) The great outdoors

Female Questions:

1. What is the average penis size in Canada , is it

A) 5 inches

B) 6 inches

C) 7 inches

2. What is the most common male sexual problem is it:
A) erection problems or where’s the Viagra?
B) Premature ejaculation otherwise known as the 1 minute man
C) Or moody hormonal imbalances

3. According to the Durex Sex Survey, most Canadian men make love
A) between 7 and 8 AM
B) between 10:30 and 11 PM
C) Saturday night after 8 PM between periods of hockey night in Canada