Sex tips- How to be a world class lover. The new information.

I used the new butterfly technique on her and she started going crazy! I had mastered the G spot orgasm, squirting, and now was learning the latest sex techniques from TV and radio’s funny sex therapist. Thanks Sue, you make me laugh  and your information is dead on.  (Rob, 31, New York)

Everyone asks me “what’s new in sex?” With no new body parts, it’s hard to discover a new way of doing sex. But with an understanding of the new research, and discussions with 10,000 people about their sex lives I have the latest graduate “school of sex” course on how to make sex truly hot. The most common question I get from women over 30 is “how do I keep my relationship spicy and sexy?”

Understanding what’s new in evolutionary biology (why men and women respond the way they do…) is huge to gaining insights into your partner. It’s what those “world class pick up artists charge $5,000 to teach men, that you can understand in one $49 download.

Knowing the hot spots, toys, tips and how it all works together (all explained  by North America’s leading sex therapist) is a fast way and easy way to become astoundingly great in bed.

“I download the school of sex audios to my ipod and listen to them while I’m at the gym. Sue’s the clearest and most experienced sex professor around.”  (Jim from Toronto 2009)

As a sex therapist I have my patients on what I call “the sex boot camp”. It involves specific  therapy techniques, touch homework to do as a couple. What is also the most effective and popular is my ‘list of erotic things to do”. This is the crazy list of fun things to do sexually. Some of it involves tricks to keep it hot. But most of the list are suggestions and the discussion points about possible sexy outings. I think everyone (especially middle aged couples) need sexual adventures.  I have my patients discuss what’s on their bucket list, what’s of interest and what they would be too apprehensive to try. This  everything  from the nude beaches to Japanese rope bondage courses, tantric sex to the erotic clubs.This is the list and all the specific details on what happens, what to expect and how to try them without threatening your relationship.

Everyone is curious. And everyone wants to know if their friends, neighbors or colleagues are having better more interesting sex than they are.  This is the program (done by Sex with Sue, YOUR sex therapist) that easily  and clearly explains what’s new and how to do it. This is like having your own sex mentor in Sue’s own words.

This is the audio package you REALLY need for only $49.  And included in it is the #1 best selling book Quivering Jello, How to have Mind-Blowing, Toe-Curling Orgasms FREE, along with  The Libido Diet about increasing sexual desire (a $150 value FREE).

This package is like sitting in on personalized, juicy sex therapy session (over $500 if you had phone therapy with Sue), and you get it all for the price of a dinner out. Sue’s YOUR sex therapist. Become an A class lover.