Super Adventure Sex Clubs – How to have action and sex with 100 of your closest friends,,

Bubbly%20Butts I’m a big believer that everyone (especially women), have a need to congregate and be around like minded people. Community, and that feeling of belonging to a pack runs deep. That’s what church is, frat houses, or chick groups like my spin mama’s  where we drink martini’s and bitch about our kids and husbands. Apparently all the rage in a news article this morning is about the Super Adventure Clubs. These are groups of people who come together in a gaggle to do interesting things. Imagine a troop of like-minded people wanting to jump out of planes, go skiing on mountain tops, and scuba interesting places as part of this new trend. This sounds far more interesting than the local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce, or Water Buffalo men’s groups.

I think the trend is here to stay. I for one, spend my time daydreaming about naked adventures (the goal of jumping up and down – see the previous blog about my sagging bustline) on nude beaches worldwide. Apparently I am not alone, and the need to frolic naked with friends you meet for the first time is running rampant. In Ontario there are adultsonlytravel, and groups of people that join up to go to Hedonism, Desire and other sex travel spots on dennyp’ssite. Let the fun times begin as groups of middle aged people do wild and silly things. At Hedo there are groups called the bubblybares which gives this philosophy:

The Bubbly Bares is a nudist vacation club with members from all over the world. We meet several times a year at different locations to get “nekkid”, drink champagne and party hearty! We call Hedonism II our home but visit other resorts and beaches where nudism is welcomed.  We are NOT a swing club but a group of free spirited individuals from all walks of life. We are very inclusive  so you do not have to be a member of our group to join in our fun and sometimes crazy antics.