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How to achieve female ejaculation, and Gspot orgasms. More instructional videos

www.sexwithsue.com, http://www.xhamster.com/movies/14247/orgasm_amateur_how_to_squirt_hot.html


I'm still miffed about last week's study ("no sex please, we're British") in the UK that claimed women can't ejaculate. I've had a number of emails in response to my rant about female ejacualtion and reaching a g spot orgasm. I've made it my life's work (at least over the last ten years) to tell women that they aren't freaks becasue they produce gallons of ejaculate and enjoy vaginal stimulation as much as clitoral touch.

I came across these two instructional but graphic videos that help show some simple g spot techniques. Make sure you turn down your sound when viewing them at work. It may help answer some questions.

It's cool when women can control thier bodies. Don't let some anal retentive scientist get you down.

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