K & L

K & L

When L and I came and had a visit with you our concern was me losing my erection half way through love making, along with some pre mature ejaculation and a lot of dripping.

And as a side note I can now see why my Doctor sent me to see you rather than just putting me on something, clever woman her, and you too. Smile

1. So you gave me the Viagra to try, which I did worked great and got my confidence back, which was a big factor.

2. Now I did mention to you I was sort of diabetic, which is true but not like normal type 2 diabetics that everyone thinks of. I have what is referred to as reactive hypoglycemia, so were normal diabetics have to watch their numbers and make sure they are not going high, I have to make sure I am not going low. As well these changes in blood sugar can happen very rapidly, sometimes you can understand why, sometimes just out of the blue. Now I have always watched when I am exercising or being very active to make sure I had a protein snack at the time, never worried about it when it came to sex. I control it all with diet so no medications involved but do see a specialist about it. I saw him a few months after seeing you and discussed the problem with him as it did happen once when taking Cialis, he told me to keep my meter by the bed and next time check my level right away. Which I did and sure enough I had gone real low, which looking back makes sense as sex and exercise are sort of the same thing on the body. So now a snack bar before getting on the treadmill and a snack bar before getting on L. Smile

I read and re read all the info you sent me, and L did too

3. Kegels – I now am a definite Kegel advocate, always thought they were just for women, (ya I know Ha Ha) they are super beneficial, have even told some friends to start doing them.

4. Now you mention in one of the articles about concentrating on your women’s pleasure, my initial thought was yep do that no problem there. But then I started to think it over, and I do that in foreplay and in oral, but once she has had an orgasm from oral (or with L 2 or 3) and we get to penetration mode I realized my mind was slipping into okay now it’s mind turn mood. So I have been working on that with some good results.

5. THE PUMP – When you first talked about it my thoughts were, that’s fine for someone with a medical condition, or small penis syndrome. But what you said stayed in my mind, so I read your information over and did some online research, and the therapy and exercise aspect of started to sink in. As well I asked Lynne the dreaded question “is it as big as it was when we met in 1998” the answer was nope, so got a pump, and started pump therapy 101. So realize no need to tell you the effect it has had, (back to it’s younger days) all I can say is unbelievable, definitely a firm believer in pumping for a healthy penis, and yes don’t forget those kegels, and partners pleasure. Smile

Thanks again for your help, and doing what you do.