I was thinking of you this weekend and figured I would check in and say
hi. I tell L all the time that I owe you for helping me get over the
1 major challenge I had my whole life. I finally feel like a normal

I am so very happy with her. I now know what love is….never imagined I
would be able to say that. We have been together now for over a year. The
good news is that I am selling my house and moving to Ottawa – with her. I
spend most of my time at her place anyways, so I was getting tired of
living out of a bag.

And I know you told me never to marry the first girl I sleep with, but I
can’t let someone like her go, so I bought her a diamond. She is way too
sweet and valuable to allow to slip away, just for the sake that I get to
“try out” other women.

So again – THANK YOU so much!!! I don’t even want to imagine my life had I
not met you. I was remembering our first meeting where I was looking for a
way to shut myself off sexually. I was hoping so much that you would ask
my why in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you could do something for me –
and here we are. If there is ever something you need from me, you know I
can make myself available.


P.S. If you ever have a bad day or have a client that really isn’t
reacting to therapy, know that you “fixed” one of the most difficult
patients you could have (i.e. stuck in his own way). If you can fix me,
you can fix anyone…