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It’s hard (and scary) to pick a therapist. Although always have cookies, and I sip this aromatic gnger tea that makes my office smell like gingerbread it can me uncomfortable to disclose personal information to someone you don’t know. I get it. We go through a box a kleenex a week in the office. I’m inately kind, and my objective is for you to feel safe and comfortable. I’m on a dead end street facing the river in a renovated house. I take confidentiality and discretion very seriously. Even over the phone (which can be easier and leave you feeling safer) you want to know with whom you are dealing with.

My challenges is that my patients rarely want to gve out their details, but I’ve asked a few to say something nice for my website. That, coupled with 20 years of credibility and lots of media mentions might help put your mind at ease. Here are some very recent mentions:

CTV Ottawa, Feb. 14, 2011 news at noon with Michale O’brien
Setting the mood Feb 12, 2011
Sue McGarvie, a romance and sex expert, says on Valentine?s Day, the hottest thing … There’s a reason, says Ottawa’s resident sex therapist Sue McGarvie. ……/story.html

Sue McGarvie – Sex with SueSue McGarvie – Sex with Sue. Sue has been described by The Ottawa Citizen as a “ creative thinker, and outstanding achiever”. She is also one of Canada ‘s …

Connect the Dots Ottawa » Speakers13 Nov 2010 … Sue McGarvie is a Clinical Sex and Relationship Therapist with a background in reproductive medicine and psychology. …

Sex With Sue is back | Ottawa and Region | News | Ottawa Sun13 Jul 2010 … Radio host Sue McGarvie is back on the air with Love and Lipstick, which airs Sunday nights from 8 p.m. to midnight on EZ Rock 99.7. … – Cached

Teasing the senses
Ottawa Citizen Feb 2011
Of course all of this is just smoke and mirrors without true passion, which is where clinical sex therapist Sue McGarvie’s area of expertise comes into play …

Sex over 40: Expert advice – Sex over 40: Expert advice – More …17 Nov 2009 … Ottawa’s Sue McGarvie is a sex therapist and the author of Quivering Jello: How to Have Mind-Blowing, Toe-Curling Orgasms! and also appears ……/28500