Testimonials and Media! Or when my clients say nice things about me! Awww Shucks…



They like me. They really, really like me. Just some recent email notes that I have permission to post if I hide the full names. My discretion is absolute, but I really do appreciate the references. These are thoughts that have been sent (in their own words) by clients who have been gracious enough to let me share them. Thanks.

I was thinking of you this weekend and figured I would check in and say
hi. I tell L all the time that I owe you for helping me get over the
1 major challenge I had my whole life. I finally feel like a normal

I am so very happy with her. I now know what love is….never imagined I
would be able to say that. We have been together now for over a year. The
good news is that I am selling my house and moving to Ottawa – with her. I
spend most of my time at her place anyways, so I was getting tired of
living out of a bag.

And I know you told me never to marry the first girl I sleep with, but I
can’t let someone like her go, so I bought her a diamond. She is way too
sweet and valuable to allow to slip away, just for the sake that I get to
“try out” other women.

So again – THANK YOU so much!!! I don’t even want to imagine my life had I
not met you. I was remembering our first meeting where I was looking for a
way to shut myself off sexually. I was hoping so much that you would ask
my why in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you could do something for me –
and here we are. If there is ever something you need from me, you know I
can make myself available.


P.S. If you ever have a bad day or have a client that really isn’t
reacting to therapy, know that you “fixed” one of the most difficult
patients you could have (i.e. stuck in his own way). If you can fix me,
you can fix anyone…

When L and I came and had a visit with you our concern was me losing my erection half way through love making, along with some pre mature ejaculation and a lot of dripping.

And as a side note I can now see why my Doctor sent me to see you rather than just putting me on something, clever woman her, and you too. Smile

1. So you gave me the Viagra to try, which I did worked great and got my confidence back, which was a big factor.

2. Now I did mention to you I was sort of diabetic, which is true but not like normal type 2 diabetics that everyone thinks of. I have what is referred to as reactive hypoglycemia, so were normal diabetics have to watch their numbers and make sure they are not going high, I have to make sure I am not going low. As well these changes in blood sugar can happen very rapidly, sometimes you can understand why, sometimes just out of the blue. Now I have always watched when I am exercising or being very active to make sure I had a protein snack at the time, never worried about it when it came to sex. I control it all with diet so no medications involved but do see a specialist about it. I saw him a few months after seeing you and discussed the problem with him as it did happen once when taking Cialis, he told me to keep my meter by the bed and next time check my level right away. Which I did and sure enough I had gone real low, which looking back makes sense as sex and exercise are sort of the same thing on the body. So now a snack bar before getting on the treadmill and a snack bar before getting on L. Smile

I read and re read all the info you sent me, and L did too

3. Kegels – I now am a definite Kegel advocate, always thought they were just for women, (ya I know Ha Ha) they are super beneficial, have even told some friends to start doing them.

4. Now you mention in one of the articles about concentrating on your women’s pleasure, my initial thought was yep do that no problem there. But then I started to think it over, and I do that in foreplay and in oral, but once she has had an orgasm from oral (or with L 2 or 3) and we get to penetration mode I realized my mind was slipping into okay now it’s mind turn mood. So I have been working on that with some good results.

5. THE PUMP – When you first talked about it my thoughts were, that’s fine for someone with a medical condition, or small penis syndrome. But what you said stayed in my mind, so I read your information over and did some online research, and the therapy and exercise aspect of started to sink in. As well I asked Lynne the dreaded question “is it as big as it was when we met in 1998” the answer was nope, so got a pump, and started pump therapy 101. So realize no need to tell you the effect it has had, (back to it’s younger days) all I can say is unbelievable, definitely a firm believer in pumping for a healthy penis, and yes don’t forget those kegels, and partners pleasure. Smile

Thanks again for your help, and doing what you do.

Thanks Sue

You are wonderful! J and I had a date tonight at the Golden Palace to talk about my visit and we are both very encouraged! (I think that the waiters were thinking we should get a room…heh, heh)
We’ll look at these attachments and my other “homework” and get back to you.
I really enjoyed talking to you and feel much better about my manhood;)


Thank You so much for organizing that. It was really neat! I am thinking I would like to do it again and be more bold! It is good for me to push boundaries, step outside my. Level of comfort and come out feeling alright. That experience was really eye-opening, and I surprisingly feel very good about it. While there is lots that I have to work on, that sure helped me realize that its ok to be brave. You are the best Sue.


Thanks again for your time! Please feel free to use an anonymous quote! It’s amazing how life actually has ‘life’ now…thank you! Who knew what a cup of tea could do..

Thanks again for the kind fun words. Thinking about you makes me smile. You’re a wonderful person. Keep smiling and making this world a better place.

Merry Christmas.


You and I had the pleasure of meeting in your home for a session a few
years ago and I always think of that as the best start to a new life
for me. I left my partner and had a year of rediscovery. I remembered
that I count and that I don’t exist to fulfill the needs of others–I can ‘need’ to.

My new boyfriend and I are amazingly compatible and life–all
aspects!!–are at their best.


Thanks Sue.
Things are definitely trending in the right direction.
We’ve had discussion, some dates and even some fooling around.
I attribute much of it to your work. You really helped to break down barriers. I’d also say you translated for us in a way to help understand each others needs.
We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but any progress is a testament to your good work.


The weekend experiment was a complete success. H and I had sex 5 times between Friday night and Sunday evening, plus some other non-intercourse orgasms. Needless to say, we are both a little sore, but extremely happy. My erections were incredible, like I was a teenager again. Thank you for everything so far and we are looking forward to our next appointment. I will contact you soon to set a time and date.

J and H

I wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. I always appreciate your empathy and sage advice…. I always feel lighter–and my challenges seem less overwhelming–after chatting with you. Must admit, I was intrigued by the hypnosis idea, and definitely haven’t ruled that out. I need to find ways to be less easy for people to walk all over, but to be able to do it in ways that don’t rub people up the wrong way!


Hi there! Just a quick note to say that S and I really appreciate how good you are at your job, how engaging you are, and how much of a safe environment you make it. We look forward to when we don’t need your services LOL but in the meantime are looking forward to the process with you.


Hi Sue, you likely won’t remember me- but I came to you a few years ago when I was living in Ottawa. I was having trouble with physical intimacy with my girlfriend at the time, and I had one session with you to try and determine whether the problem was psychological or physical. You believed at the time that it was likely psychological (I was in good physical shape all around, and there were a lot of unanswered questions about my future with my girlfriend, etc.)- and you turned out to be absolutely right!

Well, you should know that our session meant a lot to me- it/you helped me find clarity over the last couple years. You should also know that my girlfriend and I are still together, and doing better than ever. She moved to live with me here, we are getting a house together soon, and I may even ask her to marry me soon! I hope all is well with you, and It brings me joy to know that you are helping others every day. Thank you for the past, and hello to you in the present! You really helped me, and I’m grateful for it.

I just wanted to make sure that you received your book “Love in Abundance” in the mail. I didn’t have time to drop it off at your house before we left – it was my intention, but it was just too crazy.
Thanks again for everything you’ve done for me and J. In just a few short sessions, you helped us grow, learn more about ourselves, and about each other in very deep and intimate ways. We’ve journeyed to new places in our relationship thanks to you. (And you can quote me on that).



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