The 10 Things you can do to increase your libido.

The 10 Things you can do and take (that actually work) to increase your libido.

1. Tyro Tryp
Tryo Trypt is a combination supplement that restores the brain levels of neurotransmitters dopamine and seratonin which are responsible for sleep, mood, energy and regulating your desires. It is very effective at improving mood. It’s made up of 375 mg of L’Tyrosine, 5HTP (40 mg), and Vitamin B6. I have those bottles individually on my counter (as opposed to one called Tyro Trypt from Nutrichem because they are cheaper separately than together.) I often take extra 5HTP at 3 pm if I am planning a date night.

2. Date Nights
I think sensuous date nights should be mandatory in every marriage. If there was a High School course on staying sexy in your relationship, date nights would have their own semester. Sexual activity drifts away and it becomes awkward after awhile. Just like exercise or brushing your teeth, scheduled intimate time is essential to keep the love, and lust intact. Write me or check out for the list of 50 erotic things to do on your date night.

3. Magic Banana, Intensity or other internal strengtheners.
The magic Banana is a new sex toy developed over 30 years by an Ontario yoga instructor. It uses tension to strengthen the PC and internal vaginal muscles. By increasing blood flow to those squishy parts, it both tightens and relaxes the vaginal muscles and helps add both the interest and ability to engage in sexual follow through. The Intensity is three times the price, but stimulates (think orgasm) as well as uses an electrical “zapper” to tighten the vaginal muscles and make the whole area engorged.

4. Cialis/Viagra, along with a Clitoral Gel
Speaking of engorgement, 10 mg of Cialis/Viagra can help women increase their genital blood flow. It makes you more wiggly although doesn’t have an instant reaction to increase desire. It will give you a feeling of fullness and a tingling sensation. If you couple it with an orgasm cream by Pink, Oh My, Kama Sutra or any product that contains menthol, L’Argininine, and peppermint oil on your clitoris you’ll certainly notice your whole vulva will sit up and say “hello”.

5. Magensium, chromium, and zinc
Magnesium and zinc are your sex minerals. If you are depleted in these core minerals then your interest in sex will definitely wane. Chromium helps balance the other minerals and keep your blood sugar even and elevated. I prescribe 240 mg of magnesium, 200 mg of chromium, and 50 mg of zinc daily. DON’T leave home without them.

6. Balance of Progesterone and Testosterone
There is no way you can feel in the mood if your progesterone is low, your testosterone is non-existent, and the two major hormones are out of balance with each other. The other sex hormones include Estridol (estrogen), DHEA, FSH, and Sex binding globulin hormone. Get a requisition for blood work. Get your blood work don on day 21 of your cycle (day 1 is the first day of your period if you haven’t hit menopause). Your progesterone should be about 60, and your testosterone should be 1.6 or higher. You may have to bug your doctor a bit, but hormonal balancing is critical for improving low libido.

7. Vibrating panty or We vibe
One of the suggestions I make for my patients is to increase lubrication, general arousal and allow their bodies to get ready for sex is to use a “whisper quiet” vibrating panty at least an hour before sex. The popular we-vibe can be inserted in advance, but it isn’t as comfortable as the washable, cordless panties. They come in black, white, and in a fetching leopard skin print. By the time you’ve had them on for awhile you are lubricated, and oh-so wiggly.

8. Omega 3 and lots of it.
I tell all of my patients with low libido that they should be on large doses of Omega 3. The science is very compelling, and it’s why you are hearing more discussion about it in the news and on television ads. Omega 3 is a type of healthy fate. You can’t overdose on it (but you may end up with fish burps) the best source of Omega 3 is cold pressed fish oil, followed by flax seed oil . I use Udo’s oil in my smoothies which has no taste and is easy to get enough of. My low libido patients can be on up to 12,000 mg. Start with 5,000 and see how you feel.

9. Get off the birth control pills, anti depressants and high blood pressure meds.
You doctor may not have told you, but some of the side effects of the meds you have been taking can kill your libido. Anti depressants are one of the worst culprits, especially SSRI’s like Prozac. But so are oral contraceptives (the pill), and most meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol . If you reactions to medications you should not be on the birth control pill and absolutely need to find another method of birth control. Speak to your doctor about alternatives to the easy brands that diminish libido. There are options, and the side effects may not be worth the challenges to your quality of life.

10. Cut your carbs and cut your stress.
Move to a more Paleo diet. If you can stick to the foods we have evolved to eat – meat, seeds, nuts, leafy greens, eggs, and a few berries, most bodies lose weight, feel better, and balance those hormones. Simply by changing your diet you can put lust back into your loins. But in a world of French bread and French fries it can be very hard to follow. I challenge you to try it for 30 days. See how you feel. As I tell my patients, sex is your body’s early warning system. If your libido is off, that’s not normal. Try a system overhaul and see how you feel.