The art of flirting, and girls in pasties…


  "Nothing says Hello Sailor better than ruby red lipstick"…

In between working on my book yesterday, I was sent a utube video of a burlesque dance troop (Miss Mitzy Cream) I like so much.

girls in pasties… There is something about the fun, sassy nature of retro, full-figured dancers with great gams, dancing up a storm that makes me want to run out and try it. Conventional stripping – albeit interesting- doesn’t make me want to run out and find a pole. But burlesque is so cool!  There are first class burlesque teams (Blue light, Harlem Shake, and Mitzy Cream and the kittens) that tour around, and it is my not-so-secret desire to throw on the feathers and bubbles and peel down to a g-string and hang with some of these women.

It’s the art of flirting, bring you close and push you away that is seems so much fun. In a world of Paris Hilton (ick), I find that it is the retro women – Audrey Hepburn, Betty Page, and now the former Mrs. Marilyn Manson, the burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese cool corsets that I most want to emulate. Smart, ballsy women, with smart marketing, and a sense of their own sexuality are way cooler than any porn star around. So, in a year of new beginnings, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to reinvent myself as super cool as some of those larger than life glamor girls. Now pass the lipstick.