The Cinch Diet and The Suprcharged Hormone Diet. Try them this spring and be skinny by bikini season.

There are two hot new diet books just released this spring. One is Cynthia Sass’s new

    Cinch Diet

that claims to “conquer cravings, drop pounds, and lose inches as her subtitle.” The other is by Dr. Natasha Turner called The Supercharged Hormone Diet which is the “30 day accelerated plan to lose weight, restore metabolism and feel younger longer”.

Sass’s Cinch Diet emphasizes eating 5 key foods: almonds, spinach, eggs, raspberries and yogurt for 5 days, and then slowly adding new foods. Sass had a few interesting things to say. The first is that antioxidant levels increase weight loss. I hadn’t heard it said quite so directly. She claims that the phytochemical index (PI) or the chemical compound that naturally occurs in plants is interchangeable with antioxidant. The higher the level of PI, the easier it was to lose weight Alternatively,if you have a normal weight- even if you are eating the same things, you have a higher score and are thus less likely of developing cancers. She also goes on about natural fat burners including apple cider vinegar, citrus juice, hot peppers (cayenne capsules), green tea, basil, and garlic. She also sings the praises of almond butter and almond milk. Sass further explains why calorie counting is outdated. She feels that the quality of very calorie is more important than the total quantity.

She has a number of recipes and some good suggestions but there isn’t much I haven’t read before. Her book in my opinion gets a B.

Now Dr. Turner’s new book is a re-fresh of her hormone diet. She really gets into the list of hormones going on in yor body and offers a detox the first two weeks that she claims will eliminate cravings. She says she cut out the science in this book to make it simpler, but the facts are well presented. She also works with your body PH- which is something I’ve been preaching for awhile and using with my libido patients. Buy the little wheel of PH paper at the health food store and keep a check on your PH level. See what happens after you eat ice cream or drink 2 cups of coffee. Your goal is saliva at 7.2-7.4 each morning.

Nat Turner also has you record your sleep levels, exercise levels and keeps your blood sugar up with detox shakes throughout the day. She also has a bunch of recipes that involve variations on eggs, yogurt, almond butter, berries, and veggies. In this regard both books are similar.

I prefer the hormone diet (a A-) as I notice a huge difference when I take my supplements and balance my blood sugar. I’m keeping a journal as I take the best of both books and see how I fare. I’ll keep you posted.