The Miss USA pageant. An Italian nerd wins who speaks out for transexual competitors.

I can’t remember the last time I actually watched a beauty pageant. But I admit to a certain girly fascination with the cinderella type experiences. Like the Amy Farrah Fowler character on The Big Bang Theory, the bridesmaid in me loves the pink dresses and hoopla associated with pageants. It’s soooo politically incorrect and yes it objectifies women. It also makes one feel completely inadequate about your body. So why does it have a “train wreck” kind of fascination to me and other women my age? Reading about beauty queens is kind of a guilty pleasure like eating truffles alone or diving into a Harlequin Romance novel.

So over the weekend Olivia Culpo was crowned Miss USA. Culpo, a Boston University sophomore, will take a year off from her studies to tackle her duties as Miss USA and represent the nation in the 61st Miss Universe contest in December. The 20-year-old Culpo voiced her support for transgender beauty queens during the make-or-break interview round.

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She claimed she wants to see transexuals in the mix. So do I. Not only do I think it is a human rights issue (like allowing women to be members of Augusta golf courses), but it will encourage one of my favourite games. Blaik and I play it in the hot tub and around the pool during holidays when trying to determine if someone’s breasts have been augmented. Are they real or not? In this case, it will be “real girl, or great plastic surgeon?” I’ll look forward to next year’s pageant winner. Maybe I’ll even watch.