The therapist’s best list for how to tell if a guy really, truly likes you.

We all know that there is times when you wait by the phone to see if a guy you are interested in might call. That second date, the morning after call, or the casual “let’s get together this weekend” call that doesn’t come. You tell yourself that he’s too busy, or forgot. The truth is that a man will climb mountains to get in touch with a woman he likes.

I have a close male friend in his 40’s who is single, employed, good looking, kind and a good catch. I have intimate knowledge that he isn’t gay.  He reguarly has women making suggestions to hook up quite regularly. He was telling me the story about another woman chasing him. Blaik my love was with us and he said “I can sum up the problem in two words -She’s ugly.” The gentleman in question shrugged and said the classic line that “He’s just not that into her, she talks too much”.

So I polled the guys in question and asked “What are the signs that you might be into her?”
Here’s the list:
1. The guy suggest outings or get casual get togethers.  Often more than once.

2. He doesn’t mention other women around you. You know, female friends, co-workers even sisters-in law don’t get ANY air time.

3. He listens to your stories and laughs at your jokes.  You know when you hang on a guy who you like? Same thing here.

4. The body language is easy to read. He flushes, his pupils dilate, he touches your arm, he “pulls up his socks” (I mean it, watch at any bar), stands with his thumbs on his belt hooks (cowpoke style), leans in etc.

5. He gives you his contact information. He might be too nervous to ask for your number, but he will give you his home, work, cell, email, other email and skype contact on the off chance you might call.

6. He does stuff for you. Offers to help you move, puts a stereo in your car, walk you home, lift something, go shopping (my guy wold rather stab a plastic fork into his eye now,  but would go shopping with me when we were dating).

7. Continue the conversation at any cost. He says stupid and inane things just to keep the conversation with you continuing. Runs out of stuff to stay but just hangs around. In fact hovering is one of the true tell-take signs.

8. Will try and get your  attention. This is doing something outrageous – think he’ll go over the top to kill the mosquito in your office, or dress up like batman on Halloween.

9. He’s prepared to wait for sex. I mean it, if you are a booty call and won’t put out he’s moving on. If he likes you, then he’ll hang around even if he’s not getting any.