Tips, Toys and Techniques – What is sexy anyway?

The continuing list of fun and crazy ideas to keep your weekend hot.

Another Friday afternoon and I am busy getting ready for this weekend’s Love and Lipstick show. I’m asking the question, “What is sexy?” It is the hollow in your sweetie’s upper thigh? Is it a freshly washed partner out of the shower. Is it a naked man doing the dishes. I say enthusiastically YES to all of the above.

One of the things I try and do with my patients is put them on a “boot camp program of fun sex ideas” as part of their homework to generate some sparks.  I list fun and erotic things to do in Ottawa (or other cities) and encourage couples to ‘kick-start their sex life and re-create sexy”.

In the interest of making suggestions, I’m going to add weekly ideas of fun things to do to make you Saturday or Sunday romps a little more interesting.

Here’s s few.   Have a sexy weekend. Smile. And make sure you tune into EZrock 99.7 (.com) this weekend for Love and Lipstick, Sunday 10-12 and Monday 10-12.

Bathtub pleasure for her
Every woman can create pleasure by experimenting in the bathtub.  Bath-time is our time alone it our time to relax.  It is our time to reflect on the day, it is also our time for us. All right ladies, this is fairly simple: Position yourself so that your clitoris is under the running water with your legs against the tub walls. Now, let the water run wild.  If you so chose, you can share this experience with your partner by letting them sit behind you and watch or maybe play with you hair.  Make it a sensual experience.  If you have no bathtub you can use a removable showerhead.  For extra pleasure use the waterproof one-touch wireless bullet and dolphin combo. Remember to clench your muscles so that water does not enter your insides.

Paint my body
Edible body paint can be used all over the body. To try a little something different, try the door jams. With these you can restrain your partner and cover them in the paint and lick them from head toe and watch them squirm in ecstasy because you now have them just where you want them.

Its time for Double Trouble
Ok so the double trouble dong can be a little intimidating.   Just forget about all that. This is for arthritic women who have trouble holding a shorter dong. The double trouble dong can also be used women to women. You also never know when it might come in handy!!!

Late night love
Ladies it’s time for a night of love and romance. Hear are some little tips to make your plane Jane bedroom into a sanctuary of love. Start by getting some fabric to help give the room a darker feel for better ambiance. You can also use lots of candles to get that old flame burning again. Cover your bed with some rose petals from our A bed of roses. Try the board game sensations it has some fun toys and is a great game for you and your partner.  When everything is done and set up go and slip into you favorite piece of lingerie. The most important part of all of this is to call your partner and make sure that they are not to busy or to tired to do something that night. This is so that you will not disappoint yourself.

Anal fun
Ok so we all know how scary the thought of something the size of a man’s penis fitting into something the size of your pinky finger can be. If you are determined to try this you should start small and work your way up. A great way to start is with anal beads they come in a variety of different sizes it’s always good to get used to something going inside of you first. The most important part of this is lube, lube, and lube. I cannot stress this enough. The great thing about anal beads is when having sex you can pull them out at moment of climax and get an even better feeling. From here you can try going to butt plugs. Then when you feel ready to try the penis you might feel more comfortable. Remember to always go slow, and you should be the one in total control.

Want to spice it up a little try some costumes and out fits. You should talk to each other about your fantasies for example the nurse and patient or the French maid. Let your imagination run wild, and all your dreams come true.

Have you ever had the craving to have sex in crazy places for example outside privately?  Well next time you get that feeling act on it. The sheer rush of being outside will excite you and your partner to a new level

This is one of the most important areas for women to focus on there are a couple different methods of trying to find one is with vibrating g-spot finder the other is with your finger making a come-here symbol with your finger. The g-spot is the most sensitive area if you can find and when you do you will never forget it.

The Ice cube
The Ice cube is commonly used in drinks to make them cold well that not true any more. Ice cubes are now commonly used for oral sex by crushing up the ice in your mouth and Proceeding to give the man oral sex. The cube can be used on women by stimulating the clit with a burst of cold. The ice cube can also be a great massage tool on a hot summer night to rub on a hot sweaty body. This can feel very soothing.

Scavenger hunts
Try making a scavenger hunt for your loved one this can be fun and exciting all at the same time. It can go all over the city or just in your own house. You have to start planning ahead early you can make this expensive or very cheap.
Some different ideas for hints could be on the grass staring at stars we shared a kiss. The places you take them to has to have some familiarity to them it cannot be to hard or it will not be fun. You can even try a dinner and have the waiter bring a hint for them. Hide stuff in place that are easy to find but that are not easily stolen by others make sure to have a great prize waiting for them at the end.

Remote controls
Do you like that feeling of being out if control of a situation well if you do I suggest trying a remote control vibrating butterfly they come in two styles purple with glow in the dark penis and a flesh coloured. The butterfly comes with straps so you can wear it. It comes with a small vibrator and a key chain remote control. I would suggest going to cocktail party and wear it know one else knows your wearing and you have no control if you give your partner your remote the only problem is that the remote is universal so any one else in the room is wearing one they will feel the vibrations too.

Striptease a lot of men have fantasy’s of having a women strip for then. Why not let it be you? There is nothing that makes a man hotter than when you’re dancing for him ever so sensually. Start by preparing some music you like and picking out an outfit that he would like. Then start working on a routine that will blow him away. I would suggest checking out some books such, as Bedroom games also there are movies now that can teach you how to strip as well. Take control of the situation and let him sit back and relax.

Try timing your partner.  Tell them they have exactly x amount of minutes to get you and themselves undressed. Have an egg timer, or stopwatch to let them know you’re serious. At the end if they do it under the amount allotted they will receive a prize. Make the prize sound so good that there is no way they would want to lose.

Vouchers are a great idea for fresh and new Ideas. You can give them to your partner as a gift or you can make them work for them, and when they have been good you give it to them. You could also try playing a naked scavenger hunt and tell him or her that there is a voucher in the house somewhere that is very knotty.

Honey dust
For those hot summer days when the sweat is rolling off your back, and you still want to
Make love to your partner try using some honey dust it makes your body dry and sweet smelling not to mention a light flavoring this will make the situation a little less sticky. The Kama Sutra line makes a very nice dust as well as the Shunga line. You can even spread some on the bed to keep it dry and smelling fresh.

Make him smile there’s nothing sexier than seeing a man lying in bed laughing not at you but with you. I find a mans smile is so sexy and so irresistible. Have fun with whatever your doing don’t take any thing too seriously. The moments that you spend together will be with you for the rest of your lives, so you might as well enjoy them as much as you can.

Pleasure balm and gels for women I have one word to describe them orgasm. Pleasure balm and gel are easily used you take a tiny drop and rub it on your clit for a bout 20 seconds, and wait all of a sudden you will feel this sudden rush of heat and tingling sensation. This can be used for women who have trouble experiencing orgasms or for women who want multiple orgasms. The gel I would suggest highly would be the O’my pleasure gel.

Do you want to get slippery and slimy. I know this may sound strange, but if you put lube or oil all over your body it can be come quite erotic with your two bodies sliding and rubbing against each other your two bodies becoming one.
I would suggest using the erotic nights poly mattress cover and pillowcases it could become quite messy. Remember to always clean your self after this exercise in side and out. 😉

Tasty temptations
When using lube and any thing to make head taste better try using something natural and that has no sugar in it. The sugar triggers yeast infection in people who are prone to getting them and well you don’t want to ruin you special occasion with an unwanted guest. I would recommend using O’my lube the flavored kind its all natural water based and has no sugar in it.

Porta Muff Couples Play
While inside its container the portamuff is used as a male masturbator.  Remove it from its container and it becomes much more.  So the first step is to remove it from its container.  Then, using flavored lubricant, place the penis inside the portamuff like you would normally.  Roll down the rim of the portamuff enough to expose the head of the penis, letting it poke right through.  Now provide oral sex to the head of the penis while jerking the penis shaft with the portamuff and voila!  Your man will be pleasantly overcome by the sensations of a deep-throating blow-job.