Tricks to have women fall at your feet. The best ideas I have for Valentine’s Day suggestions to get her naked.

Valentine's day is always a popular one with relationship therapists. Go figure. But instead of the standard, schmaltzy, contrived Valentine's ideas, I'm going to list my best suggestions of experiences to do this Valentine's day that will get her naked.

1.Think hot tub and back massage for starters. Warmed oil (I like the chocolate scented oils) will have her start to purr.

2. Rent a thriller or scary/ horror movie instead of the typical romantic comedy. Her dopamine and adrenaline will be aroused by the intense movie, and her body can't differential scary arousal from sexy arousal. Your sweetheart should be putty in your arms.
3. Go get samples of the best new cologne for men from the department store. You are doing a smell test with her. Put a little test patch on your arm and have her smell it. Get her to determine which "blind sample" she likes best. Yes, it's good to choose a cologne she likes, but it is more important for her to simply smell you. Scent is women's sex sense (men are visual) and smelling you, will immediately put her in the mood.
4. A hand holding walk. Preferably wearing one of your jackets or a peice of your clothing. It covers her in phermones, and makes her feel safe. The walk will lower her stress cortisol levels and make her more receptive.
5. Show her the new we vibe. I love this little toy ( and it's small enough to keep in your pocket and use as a massager. No batteries or plugs required/
6. Check out the new book Sweeping her off her feet with food, by chef Eric Lee. I loved the recipes, and it offers step by step instruction for romancing her with food.
7. Chocolate, berries and red wine. Fantastic panti removers. Fresh strawberries, blue berries, and bananas in a bowl. Get a mixture of dark and semi sweet chocolate chips, a little olive oil and melt at a low temperature (take immediately off the stove once melted). The mixture of the tannins of the wine, the antioxidents int heberries, and the potassium of the bananas (along with the serotonin boosting chocolate) will have her wiggling.
8. Burn a "world famous make-out cd". Blaik swears by the killer music to boff to. The legend started in residence at university where one amazing tape was booked in advance for date nights. More women are auditory than visual, and familiar, well thought out music is a great gift that has her playing right into your hands.
More ideas to come as we head into the Valentine's Day weekend. Read my last year's blog about why Valentine's day is so important, and stay tuned to inexpensive, last minute ideas.
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