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Sue McGarvie Is Unzipped!
Unzipped aired on Global, in 2008.

Unzipped is a fun, engaging and uproariously entertaining series on the world’s oldest obsession—SEX!

Unzipped takes the best of a classic listener call in show and explodes it onto television. The show is faced-paced, moving from outrageous guests and experts, to commentaries from people lingering on street corners, to an edutainment radio call-in segment. Explore sexual reality in the making with visits to real life haunts, kibitz with an animated beaver named Buck, and interact with a live and involved studio audience.


The thirteen episodes cover the most current sexual topics including:

  • Keeping it Hot
  • The Bug Show
  • Erotica and Pornography
  • Sexual Trends
  • Being Single
  • Kama Sutra
  • Fantasies
  • Aphrodisiacs
  • Senior Sex
  • Swinging
  • The Penis Show
  • The Vagina Show
  • Fetishes

You can watch the clips here!

And while everyone looks different then they did over a decade ago, you might notice really big changes in me in the clips you see. At my heaviest I weighed almost 400 pounds. Currently I’m less than half of that. It’s one of the reasons I do a great deal of work as a therapist in the area of sexuality and body image- and hormonal balancing for libido. Balancing my hormones literally took 125 pounds off my 5’6 inch frame. The rest was hard work and self-awareness. So have a look at the clips but be kind. Here’s where I am at today (without surgery or extreme diets). Just a lot of self love and a program that I can teach you. Thanks for watching!

How to strip:,
How to spice it up,
Sue’s toy box 1
Sue’s toy box 2
Sue’s toy box 3
Sue’s toy box 4
Sue’s toy box 5
Sue’s toy box 6
Female condom
HIV explained
Sue on the radio,,,,
G spot
Penis enlargement surgery
Audience questions,,
Unzipped Interviews,,,
Online dating

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