What to expect on your first visit

For some people the thought of talking to or coming to see a therapist makes them very nervous. They don’t know what to expect and they are concerned that they are going to talk about things they may not have told anyone before.

I really understand how difficult seeing a counselor can appear to some people. It’s supposed to be a positive experience of healing, focusing on you and getting some clarity going forward. Taking action feels good. It’s my job to make you feel safe, comfortable and completely supported. It’s also absolutely, positively confidential. I’m in a house and we are going to sit in a living room setting and have a cup of tea and cookies together. Either in person or by Skype, we are going to start by simply having a conversation. I will ask you questions and gently we get to know each other. We will explore what’s going on in your life and what’s caused you to get stuck. I believe that kindness matters and gentle humour helps us ease into a more personal conversation. I think I’m a marshmallow and I truly, deeply care about my clients.

It’s okay if you become emotional. Some people do and I always have Kleenex. As my Grandmother said, “the more you cry the less you pee”. I’m not sure that’s true but my counseling sessions are a safe place for authentic emotions. Once I have a sense of why you’ve come and what is blocking you from moving forward we are going to look at solutions. Often this takes more than one session but not always. My job is to generate options and solutions kindly and effectively. Your job is to talk through the problem and try to generate change in the direction that works for you.

We work on a therapeutic plan. By the end of the first visit we should have an understanding of the goals we are trying to reach and roughly how many sessions it might take to get there. Then you get homework. I’ll email you reading, or have you write a few things down that may help me fine-tune your particular program. There is never a one-size fits all when it comes to therapy, even if the issues are similar. You and your situation are unique. I always remember that and hear your special circumstances.

I really look forward to helping. Please reach out. I can help.

Book now. I’ll confirm with you within 2 hours and will book you in this week.

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