Why men that vote Liberal or Democrat get loads more sex. It may be the best reason ever to change your political leanings

You may have read the study. It was big new earlier this year when a book came out (Triumphs of Experience) that followed the lives of 268 Harvard undergrads for 75 years throughout their lifetime to discover what made men tick. There has never been a study that has gone on longer in the history of studies. The survey asked the question of these bright, educated men (beginning in 1938) to find out what where the barriers and accelerators to happiness were.

There are lots of things that surface in a study this long and this broad. One of the key findings touched on the devastating affect of alcoholism. Another big insight outlined the truth that “the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.” Meaning that men who had a strong, supportive relationship with their mothers had the best leg up in life. There was also a significant correlation between the warmth of your relationships and your health and happiness in your later years. Meaning that happily married men made more money and were overall happier. They were also more likely to end up at the top of their respected careers. Yet another reason to marry well.

But what’s interesting for this blog is that the men who had liberal or left leaning views about sex had sex more often, thought the sex they had was better, and stayed sexually active in their 80’s. Conservative men tended to stop having sex in their 60’s. The authors of the study said that they consulted urologists, but that they didn’t have an explanation.

I think that maybe they should have spoke to some sex therapists about their thoughts.

In my experience, men who are more open minded to social values tend to be willing to explore what I describe as “the color outside of the lines sex”. This doesn’t mean that Liberals/Democrats are swingers, but it does mean that they have a more egalitarian, let’s-try-this-at-home view of sexual activity. Maybe its the fact that politically left-leaning men are less likely to have the Christian views of sexuality. No matter what the reason, following a Liberal/Democratic political view means that you have sex longer. Just something to consider when it comes to election time.