Why phone counseling is instant and effective

As a therapist with two passports, and a locations in other countries, I tell people I have a global practice. I have patients in 13 different countries and find phone counseling (and now web cam/skype of MSN counseling) so effective I don’t think anyone needs to trudge into an office to “move the chains” in their lives. Why change your therapist if you have to move cities? Why worry about discretion with a sex counseling appointment when it is just as simple and more importantly as effective by phone.
With paypal, credit cards are taken 100% safely and easily. You can send a payment to and get started today. I take most of the paties, but Blaik (my fellow therapist with a degree in bio sciences) is around for male clients, or to balance out the couples discussions. We can refer to any number of “out-of-the-park” practitioners if there is something we don’t specialize in.
However, if you aren’t getting enough sex, have a specific issue with coming too quickly (or not at all), or have a desire challenge then we are the therapists for you.

We are often asked about the viability of phone counseling. Most trained therapists read body language for a living and we are no exceptions. The web cam is amazing for picking up nuances, but as a radio host I interpret voices far better than average. And if I miss something I ask tons of questions.
Sometimes it is better to have a cup of tea and one of my amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (okay, so I may be braggin a touch about my cookies) in person. But if you can’t come and sit on my couch, the flexibilty, discretion and warmth of phone and skype appointments get the job done almost as well.

Contact me at I can fit you in this week and get the stress out of your head Let’s take action together. Now.