Women’s 5 week Body Image and Libido Workshop. Next one starts October 2017

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It’s one of the universal truths about women. We all don’t like our bodies. There is such a need to re-claim our bodies, start seeing our toes again, and feel sexy in the process that I am starting a women-only 90 minute weekly group starting Saturday, September 12th for four weeks. It’s going to be small, proactive, and empowering. Think cutting edge information on hormones, weight, and nutrition. Boudoir photographs, the latest news in exaggerating sexuality and a chance to connect with cool other women that get it. Space is very limited. Send me an email now at suem@rogers.com if you are interested in loving yourself again.

Here are the details:

Saturdays from 10 to 11:45 am starting September 12th, 2015 for 4 weeks

at 81 Pooler Ave., Ottawa (see the google map)


Payment is $300 (with insurance receipts).

Click on the button now!

The workshop includes Five great speakers on what’s new in hormones, weight management, the Psychology of self talk and new ideas on changing the status quo. The workshop includes a number of the latest books, concrete ideas and action plans, a final boudoir photography session to get a picture of yourself you can fall in love with. Hormone friendly refreshments will be served.

 Come and join us! Space is limited and the change will only happen with information and support.

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