Your sex and relationship therapist. Phone or Skype/webcam appointments this week that will solve your problem in one session

Do you have a specific sexual problem that might benefit from one on one or phone/skype counseling?

I can almost always be the solution to your problem. I have patients all over the world, and unless you are struggling with an issue of sexual addiction (that isn’t a quick cure), I’m confident I can fix you up immediately. My approach isn’t lying on a couch and talking about your Mother. As a global expert in the area of libido, hormones, sexual desire disorders, and disparging sexual appetites, I can usually have you fixed up in one or two sessions. Discreetly, from your own home,with all kinds of follow up handouts (worth over $600), his is less expensive than getting your car fixed. And pays huge dividends with your relationship.

I have had great success in hepng you find love, partners, and getting your very real sexual needs met. Send me an immediate email at I’ll make it painless, effective (guaranteed) and immediate. Let’s talk today.

I have been a sex and relationship therapist for over eighteen years, and I know I can cut to the chase, and solve your problem immediately. Come see me personally for 70 minutes with one on one attention either live in person in Ottawa, or remotely by phone or skype (with webcam). I help people all over the world, and the sessions can be completely anonymous. I can usually get you happily “back in the saddle” confidentially and quickly.

If I can’t solve a problem in one or two visits, there usually is something medically going on, that requires a referral (which I can provide).

I promise I can get you fixed up effectively, and solve what is ever going on in your relationship right now.

Confidential, effective, with email and phone follow up if required. More problems than you think, can be solved with a quick fix. Therapy is about putting heads together and solving the problem today. I am very kind, and my job is to make you feel safe and comfortable. I focus on solutions, and with a background in both physical and psychological solutions, I can identify if a problem is in your head or relationship, or is more medical. I am an expert on sex drive, performance issues (lasting longer, harder, orgasms etc.), sexual obsessions, hormones and marital issues related to sex.

Buy Now and get your problem solved in one session Guaranteed!!!
As one of Canada ’s best known sex therapists, My particular expertise is in how quickly I can address and solve sexual problems.

Within one or two sessions (70 minutes) Sue can evaluate and offer concrete treatment solutions to problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexual addiction, low sex drive, different sexual appetites, lack of partners, difficulty reaching orgasm or ejaculating, along with marriage and relationship counseling. The most common thing I see is premature ejaculation, and I have and entire audio training session to solve that “too quick” problem once and for all. Guaranteed to have you lasting longer, and learning how to climax when you want to. Download now on the home page.

The #1 best selling book on hormones, libido and women’s sex drive “The Libido Diet” is the basis for Sue’s speaking tour.

For any other problem in person, you might want to consider seeing me privately.
“My sessions are completely discreet, either in my west end Ottawa home office, ( Rich mond Road and Woodroffe) I can counsel by phone, or by Skype or MSN instant message (either with or without the webcam), with great results.” My job is to make you feel safe and comfortable, and with 15 years of experience, a very relaxed and kind approach, and I am prepared to guarantee my value.

Rates are $140 per session (or $80 per half hour consultation) . Call 613.355.1786 or email to make an appointment. Web or phone counseling can be paid easily and securely using Paypal. Order and pay through the website, and get a copy of my #1 best selling book, Quivering Jello, How to Have Mind Blowing, Toe Curling Orgasms, my Top 10 G Spot tips, and my most recent booklet on sex tips!! That is over $350 in value, plus you get one on one counseling with North America ’s leading sex therapist, to solve your problem RIGHT NOW.

Pay pal now for $140, and Sue will immediately send you all the free books and audio extras and set up your immediate counseling session.

Rates are $140 per session. Call 613.355.1786 or email to make an appointment. Web or phone counseling can be paid easily and securely using Paypal.